Dave: Sziget Festival, Budapest


Dave is a 26 year old finance professional based in Melbourne. He’s ticked off a decent chunk of his travel bucket list, one of which was Sziget Festival. Kicking of this week, we thought we’d grab Dave for quick chat about his Sziget experience. By quick we mean Sam literally had 2 minutes to chat to Dave on the 48 tram down Collins St.

Hey mate thanks for the quick chat, describe Sziget for me…

Easy — it’s a huge festival in Budapest (Hungary). It’s long and f*cking intense.

So it was a big one?

I can confirm — drinking everyday definitely takes its toll on your mind, body and soul.

Can you remember a highlight?

Yeah I remember heaps. I think the sheer size of the festival was nothing like we’d seen. Imagine half a million people on a tiny island (between Buda and Pest) for 7 days straight — it’s a decent time! The highlight for sure is the music though the lineup had a solid mix which always kept us guessing…Blink 182 was sweet from memory haha.

Probably a dumb question but any lowlights?

Not having attended again…I’ll be back!

Let’s talk money — was it expensive? How’d the budget handle it?

I didn’t really have a budget, I just didn’t want to spend a lot. This was pretty easy to do as the whole thing turned out to be pretty cheap. Our tickets cost us around 200 euros ($300-ish AUD) for the full 7 days and from memory we were only paying 650 HUF ($3) for drinks and not much more for food so all up it was usually smooth sailing cash wise.

You pay for stuff in the local currency (Hungarian Forint/huf) so I’d plan for that if you’re heading there it can be a little confusing at times.

Sounds like a bargain! No need to skip meals then?

Haha nothing that drastic. We camped in a tent for the entire 7 days so naturally we threw a few bottles in our backpacks to limit our trips to the bar…this is basically the norm at any music festival as you’d know mate so as long as you can get past security (everyone can) you’ll have a good time and save some cash.

So Sziget sounds awesome, what about Budapest?

Loved it. So much going on every day and night and the history around the place is awesome too! I ended up staying for around 3 weeks after Sziget and could of stayed longer…you definitely have to go check it out.

Next year? What’s your overall rating of Sziget?

Deal… 4 out of 5

Thanks for chatting mate and for signing up to use Pelikin!

Anytime, hurry up and launch I want my card haha!

Sziget Festival is now August 8–15 in Budapest Hungary.

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