My July

BLOG / AUGUST 07, 2018

July was a big one. Our pace picked up, we grew our team, and the workload grew and diversified for everyone on our team….life is getting quite exciting!

A couple of things I learnt in July…

Eat the 🐸 first

I’m finding that the more I have to do the more I’m caving to procrastination. I was jumping between important tasks, which led to longer work days, which led to some serious fatigue and also drop in the standard of work I was putting out. I’ve started Eating the frog first and so far it’s working. I’ve relapsed a couple of times, but generally my days are flowing alot smoother so I’ll continue down this path and recommend that you check out the link above if you’re experiencing a similar thing.

Some other things that are helping me:

The Pomodoro Timer — interval work helps you lock-in and block out the outside noise. It can be tricky sometimes when you’re Slack is going nuts but basically this little timer sits in your browser tab and alerts you when it’s time to take a break and time to get back stuck into work…shoutout to our intern Tom for this one!

Headspace — meditation isn’t what I thought it was… I’m trying to find 6 minutes a day at the moment to let the soothing voice of Andy take me on a ride to manage my thoughts. Get this app if you’re curious about mediation (I’m a tight arse so haven’t upgraded to the pay suite just yet, but might do soon)

Techno is life — Somehow I’ve landed on this genre to help me get through the days. Maybe it’s the rolling beat, the chill vibes or the lack of words but having techno flowing through my buds during my 25 minute sprints is definitely boosting my output.

Black Coffee,

Wilaris K

Made in Paris all got a serious workout last month…check them out.

I‘m struggling with balance…but I’m getting better.

The past few months my balance has been awful, but I felt last month things got out of hand. I got lazy with the gym stuff (didn't go), I got lazy with the diet stuff (Bulk UberEats) and at times even felt like I lost touch with some mates. For the most part I think this was a result of me simply prioritising work over everything else….huge mistake.

There is definitely sacrifice required to get Pelikin where it needs to be in the next month or two but I’ve learnt that I need to make more time for more fun stuff and more fun people…that said as an entrepreneur you do always have to pick your battles, hangovers are counterproductive after all haha.

Public speaking is 👌

I spoke with our Product Manager Matt at Monash Uni last month and loved every second of it. I want to do more of it .As a founder I think I might not do enough so I’m going to get proactive on this one and try up my public speaking game…maybe we’ll hold some crowdfunding information evenings around the country or something like that 😉.

My GF is incredible

My girlfriend is an entrepreneur. She is the most passionate, driven and curious human I know. Being surrounded day in day out by that type of energy she outputs definitely helped me in a massive way last month. Watching her play out her journey in building her own brand and business kept me motivated throughout my own journey and definitely given me inspiration in how I go about things. She helps me with the balance stuff too and I think if Fi wasn’t around I’d definitely be teetering on the edge of burnout…

PLUG TIME: Fi’s making waves in the cosmetic space **read this** and check out her business IG here.

Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed.

^it helps.

That’s all I’ve got for July…I’ll let you know how August goes. Get in touch if you want to chat


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