Steve: Queenstown, NZ


Last week we caught up with Steve, a 27 year old FIFO worker from Melbourne. We noticed on Instagram that he’d been off chasing powder in NZ with his girlfriend recently, so we reached out to hear all about it… Here’s how our chat went down.

Hey mate, thanks for the chat and sorry for the insta stalking haha. Tell us about your trip…

Anytime! I had a break in between work swings so me and the girlfriend took off to Queenstown to ski the Remarkables and Cardrona.

Nice one, so what’s the vibe like in Queenstown?

Epic! It’s super chilled but if you’re looking for a party you won’t have trouble finding one. Queenstown is cool because it’s full of people from all over the world… We rarely bumped into Kiwis at all haha.

Did you go in peak time?

Yeah it was flatout but you have to cop the hit if you want the best snow. Queenstown for me is at its best in winter around June to August so I had to deal with a heap of annoying kids and families around the mountain!

Bummer! So what was the highlight?

We were there to ski flatout and The Remarkables is mindblowing. We had awesome weather the whole time and plenty of snow… It really does put Aussie slopes to shame so I’d hard out recommend it to all Aussie travellers!

We’ll have to check it out then! What did you do for cash over there?

Yeah you should — it’s so close to us and flights are cheap as! Our trip was sort of a last minute thing so we just grabbed travel cards from our banks at the 11th hour…. We felt safe the entire time but carrying cash just sucks, so we went down the card path and I’ve got no doubt we got burnt big time on FX and fees but we had no other choice really.

We’ve heard that story a million times… Don’t worry we’re not far off haha. We’ve heard skiing can be a bit exy?

Yeah it can be from gear to passes etc but I took all my own gear over so wasn’t too bad. We found that buying a package was the best option so we bought a sweet one from Mint Tours — included accom, car hire and lift passes. All up it was a around $200AUD a day each which isn’t too bad for peak season.

So did that help you stay within your budget?

Yeah for sure, all we really had to pay for when we got there was food and drink. Long days of skiing had us pretty wrecked at night so we didn’t have any really wild nights haha. Helped us stay within budget and I guess the slight FX advantage helped a little too.

Ok so what don’t we want to do in Queenstown?

Don’t be there during school holidays. We just overlapped with it and it was killer, the lift lines were heinous and little kids and nagging mums all over the place can be pretty damn annoying!

Haha no doubt. So what should we definitely do in Queenstown?

Set yourself a solid budget. The adventure activities like bungee jumping etc are incredible, but they cost a heap so be ready to fork out some serious dollars for them… Well worth it though if you ask me!

Good tip! So what’s your Pelikin @handle going to be for your next trip?

I’ll lock down @steve if it’s free?

Done! Thanks mate

Peace out.

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