You may have heard or seen that we’re launching Pelikin very shortly and launching our crowdfunding campaign even sooner. We want to make sure that all travellers who are waiting to travel with Pelikin have an opportunity to share in our journey so we’re now raising up to $900,000 from the crowd in exchange for shares in Pelikin.

We’re on a warpath to disrupt the currently stagnant travel money market.
We’ve leveraged the minds of 100’s of travellers & digital nomads and harnessed the power of agile payment technology create Pelikin, a mobile only multi-currency account and a VISA prepaid currency card.

Pelikin has been built with our users interests first. Travel is on the rise amongst young Australians and they deserve better than the products currently available to them. They deserve a progressive, like minded financial product that gives them control of their money no matter where they are in the world, to manage it, spend it & send it in an easy, affordable way via a beautiful and secure mobile app!

Our users will have no borders and neither will we.

We’re planning on launching in November and we’re planning on impacting the market straight away. Watch our pitch movie here!

Always consider the offer document and the general CSF risk warning before investing.

Our privately live pitch will go live on Thursday the 18th of October, then publicly live on the 23rd. You’ll be able to access the private page if you submitted an expression of interest or followed our pitch. We’ll keep you well informed.

We ran an Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign a few months ago and have gathered a lot of interest from various parties stating that they’d like to be informed when the campaign launched so they could be first to own shares.

Our private campaign is launching first to offer these individuals the chance to invest before everyone else. So you’ll only be able to access it if we’ve sent you the direct link to do so. Alternatively, our campaign will launch publicly on the 23nd October.

We want to give everyone the opportunity to invest in our future. Therefore, the minimum investment is only $100! We’ve set no upper limit or restrictions beyond this. Restrictions may apply to investors wishing to invest more than $10,000, and documentation will be required. Please see Birchal’s guide here for more information.

Our future users, investors, and advocates can own a part of our company in its early stage of growth. On the launch of the private campaign, you will need the unique link to access the offer. Please keep an eye on your email inbox & our social channels so you don’t miss out. All investors must be over 18 years old.

We’ve partnered with Australia’s leading equity crowdfunding platform - Birchal. You’ll need to create an account on Birchal here to invest. We’ll send you an email with a link to access our investment page once it’s live.

We advise that you create an account with Birchal before the investment round goes live to avoid potentially missing out because you have to sign up to the platform first.

Investors will receive shares in Pelikin in exchange for their investment. If Pelikin makes an exit further down the line via an IPO or a trade sale, if the company’s valuation has increased then you could make a profit on your investment. When investing in early-stage businesses like Pelikin, investors should assume that their shares are illiquid and that there is no simple way to sell shares until there is an exit event like an IPO or trade sale.

Birchal charges no fee for the transaction of making an investment and they do not charge any ongoing administration or management fee for your investment as a director or shareholder in Pelikin.

1. Go to your campaign link which you will receive by email - sign up to our newsletter here to receive this.
2. Click ‘Review Offer’ on our private pitch page
3. Click ‘Invest’, considering the CSF risk warning.
4. Create an account if you haven’t done so already, or click ‘next’ if you’re logged into your correct account
5. Complete the following steps and reflect the investment you wish to make
6. Once your investment has been reflected, you can refer friends, family, and associates, earning 30% of Birchals fee for every successful investment made. Full terms are on Birchal’s website.

Birchal Financial Services Pty Ltd is an Equity Crowdfunding Platform, (ABN 39 621 812 646) is authorised and licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (AFSL 502618). The definitions of these terms are explained in the process. If you have any questions about these, please contact

If we didn’t answer your question, or you’d just like to know more about Pelikin and our plans for the future, please reach out directly: or 0431800477.