Pelikin is building a mobile only banking alternative for Australians that they can use both locally and while abroad to send, spend and track money securely. We’re launching our app and debit card very soon for all Australians.

Pelikin is being built for all Australians who have a smartphone and want an everyday transaction account that they can easily use in Australia and abroad. Join our waitlist and take part in our upcoming beta.

Opening an account takes less than a minute. Our app will soon be available from the app store, make sure you get in early by joining our waitlist.

Our app and debit card will replace your everyday bank account. Have your wages or salary paid straight into your Pelikin Account and then save, send and spend your money however you like, instantly and without the fees. Use your Pelikin debit card to buy things and get cash out. You’ll get instant spending alerts and real-time spending analytics (useful ones not confusing ones).

Absolutely, that’s what we’re made for.

You can use your Pelikin debit card at any ATM and everywhere that accepts VISA (the most widely accepted payment issuer in the world).

You mean aside from the zero fees?

Your app will help you set and reach your savings goals no matter what they are. If you’re going on a trip with your friends you can save and plan for your trip together, help each other reach your savings goals and make sure no one is short on cash when you leave.

Up to 7 at once. Starting with AUD / GBP / USD / EUR / NZD / IDR / CAD .We’ll be introducing new currencies later in the year.

Absolutely - we’re doing away with the awkward IOU’s. Transfers to other Pelikin users are instant and free. When you’re overseas with friends, split bills on the spot in the local currency and avoid any confusion.

You can lock your account instantly with our app (and if you find it again, you can instantly unlock it with just a swipe) - You’re in control!

A small dedicated group of professionals, travellers and frustrated banking customers led by our Founder Sam Brown - A 28 year old from Perth who’s not an ex-banker, doesn't have 35+ years industry experience and has no grey hairs (yet). What he does have is his horrible travelling stories involving his bank, seed capital and an amazing team of squad members and advisors who are just as dedicated to making Pelikin for Australians as he is. Send Sam an email if you’re keen to chat

Pelikin is an Australian company based in Melbourne Australia. No outsourcing going on here!

Nope we’re not and we won’t be when we launch. Applying for a banking licence is a part of our plan but at the front-end we’re focusing on getting our app and debit card in the hands of Australians all over the world, getting their feedback, listening to their ideas and making sure they love Pelikin before heading down the bank path. We will be regulated when we launch and will be working with an ADI (Authorised Deposit-taking Institution).

We hate transaction fees just as much as you, so you can expect none when using Pelikin both in Australia and while you’re abroad.

We’re working towards rolling out our app and debit card to a beta group soon and then making Pelikin available to all Australians by the middle of the year. Join our waitlist to be notified when we launch.

We love talking to people. Whether you want to help us build our product, have an idea or just want to vent about your current bank, we love it! You can join our Pelikin Founders Community to contribute to your product or if you’re keen to come and work at Pelikin we’re currently on the hunt for a Marketing Manager and a React Engineer so get in touch and let's chat.

Join our waitlist as well and we’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch.