10 Things You Need When Travelling Overseas

Packing sucks. But travelling is epic so unfortunately it’s a small price to pay so we can do incredible things overseas. It’s easy to get swept up in a whirlwind of what to pack as your overseas trip creeps up on you. We aren’t here to tell you which party shirt to pack (pack the fluro one) or that you should bring a picture of your dog for the days that you might miss them (don’t do this) we’re here to share some of our absolute essentials for travelling the world. 

Our team has hit all corners of the globe spending 2522 days in 77 countries so fair to say we know our stuff.


We might be bias but this is a no brainer! We’re a better alternative to the crappy traditional travel cards you’re used to using and we’re launching soon so sign up now so your spot in the Pelikin Squad is guaranteed. You can sign up here


They’re not cheap and they’re a pain to organise, but if you plan on heading anywhere outside of Aus, a passport is a must. This small little book can easily get misplaced and is easily forgotten. So here is your official reminder: DO NOT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! If you haven’t had the pleasure of leaving Australia before, or need to renew your passport, start the process here

Don’t forget to scrub up before the photo is taken, this bad boy sticks with you for 10 years.


In case you didn’t realise, Aussie Phone plans do not really accommodate for travellers, considering we’re a big island surrounded by absolutely nothing. So it is way too costly to be paying your Tel-Co over $10 a day to have minimal phone privileges while travelling. 

We recommend investing in a TravelSim to keep you connected during your trip or using the insane amounts of Free Wifi spots available in pretty much every country except Australia.


This app is a game changer. Maps.me lets you pre-download maps giving you access to them at any time, most importantly when you don’t have internet. Not only does it keep you from getting lost, but it will help you stay safe. Huge plus!


Squash the ignorant English-speaking tourist rep and make an effort to understand the local lingo. Do yourself a favour and download Google Translate– voice, text and image translation. Hold your phone up to the cab driver and get a live translation of what they’re saying. Got a random SMS from the local phone provider and want to know if you’re out of data? 

Screenshot and import to the app and it’ll translate word for word what the message says. 


No not those kind!!! No one wants to be caught out in a another country sick and unwell. Besides your own prescription meds, can we suggest a few other must-haves?

-Anti-Nausea (handy for food poisoning and hangovers)

Travelan (Dodgy kebab? This stuff will help with the runs..)

Motion Sickness Tablets(Bus rides, ferry trips, Sail Week, Rollercoasters) 


-Protection (overseas romance anyone?)


Although most of us travel to experience new things and meet new people, there will be times where you just need to block out the noise. Loud roommates in your hostel? Long bus ride over the border? And that long haul flight from Australia to just about anywhere. 

You don’t wanna be leaving these bad boys at home. Treat yourself to a new pair!


Your days will be filled with exploring, and your nights with partying. Between all the photo-ops, Google mapsing, Whatsapping your mates to find where they’ve disappeared to, exploring the international talent via Tinder, Ubering home and of course calling Mum, your phone is most likely to die half way through your day. You won’t have time to sit at the hostel and wait for it to charge. 

Cue your biggest lifesaver to date- the portable charger. And make sure it’s not a cheap single charge device, invest in the 3-4 charge pack that will last you a couple days. So worth it.


Make sure you pack your universal adapter to ensure you can keep your phone and camera charged at all times, no matter where you are in the world.


It’s the small luxuries that keep us going. Investing in a good quality neck pillow will mean that you can actually sleep during your transits, leaving you as fresh as a daisy so you’re ready to roll once you arrive at your destination. You can usually get a good one at the airport pre-flight, otherwise get in early here!

Reckon we’ve missed something? Hit us up on socials or send us an email and let us know! But for now, make sure you’ve got every one of these on your packing checklist.


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