Fancy a secret escape to Singapore? Folk may say that 48 hours is no way enough time to really explore a city. But we say otherwise, because if you have a 48 hours free then you may as well spend it seeing somewhere new rather than hibernating in your home town right? Plus with Singapore being our doorstop, 48 hours is worth the 5 hour travel time. Here is Pelikin’s top travel tips to squeeze in everything you can when exploring the sensational city.

Flights to Singapore

Whether you’re heading over from Perth, Melbs or Sydney you’re bound to grab some cheap as chips flights. A one-stop is looking to cost you around $270-$300 on a decent month. But if you are looking for a bit more luxury and a one flight job, then you’ll be looking at spending a good $600 of your travel money.

Must-Do’s In Singapore

Singapore is known for being the second safest country in the world. It is a global financial center with a tropical climate and multicultural population. You may notice when wondering around the city that it is also SUPER clean, that’s because not only did they ban chewing gum but they also if you let go of any sort of litter than you’ll be rewarded with a hefty fine, so keep to the bins if your travel funds are looking a little low. Singapore city feels pretty small, making it a perfect get-away if you only have [48 hours under your belt. We’ve gathered all the greatest activities and sights to be seeing while exploring Singapore…

Marina Bay Sands

Yes the cocktails may cost more than your car, but have you really gone to Singapore if you haven’t had a Singapore Sling up the Marina Bay Sands? See the whole city in detail during the day or the swarm of lights at night up on the 57th floor. If you’re bank account is feeling pretty heavy then spend a day in the divine infinity pool and head over to the highest restaurants in the city Ce La Vi, Lavo Italian or Spago Dining Room at night.

Feeling a bit fearful of the height? You can always wonder around the ground floor of the beautiful building where you’ll see an array of designer stores, restaurants and even take a ride in the river cruise that runs through the centre (yes this place has an ACTUAL river that you can take actual boats in).

This place can end up consuming a hella lot of your time, so make sure you limit yourself so you can visit some other sights.

Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay sits right outside the Marina Bay Sands, meaning not only can you already see them from the top, but you once you’ve spent a few hours there you can head straight to the gardens.

The gardens are full of colourful flowers, trees and wildlife. The fake pylon looking statues are called ‘super tree groves’ which have a floating pathway that you can walk on and see the garden from great heights. They also present 2 daily light show’s called Garden Rhapsody at 7:45pm and 8:45pm where all the many different colourful lights flash in time with the music. The show is something you won’t want to miss AND it’s fee administration!

The garden’s are also perfect for some insta-worthy shots and a different vibe outside the normal hustle and bustle of the city.

Eat Around The World

Little India, little China, little Italy, unfortunately no little Australia though. Whatever your favourite cuisine is there is probably a little town of it nearby where you can gobble up all the gorgeous food in the markets. This is defo the place to visit for your lunch and dinner as not only is the food fantastic but it doesn’t cost a fortune like everywhere else in the city.

The Jewel / Airport

Singapore is so savvy that even the airport is a tourist attraction. With the largest indoor waterfall in the world running through the centre, loads of shops, gardens, play area’s, cinema and swimming pool, this is an airport you wouldn’t mind being stuck in. If you have time at the end of your trip, we defo recommend heading over to the Jewel a little earlier than boarding time so you can see the most beaut airport.

Universal Studios Singapore

Cab down or take the monorail from HarbourFront to Singapore’s playground island, Sentosa. At Sentosa you can release your childhood dreams at Universal Studios Singapore and add some thrill to your trip when you brave the rollercoasters. Make sure you check if schools are out though as the question can get pretty hectic at the wrong time of year. They also have a S.E.A Aquarium close by if you fancy seeing some awesome looking fish and get close up to some creepy looking creatures.

Other sights and spots

While walking around Singapore you’ll be able to spot some more significant sights such as the mighty Merlion (a half lion, half fish statue / fountain that feeds into the water), the Singapore Flyer, Orchard Road, The Night Safari, Art Science Museum, Singapore Zoo, Buddha Temple, Helix Bridge, Suntec city and many more.

You can also take a trip to Palawan Beach if you’re feeling like chilling out outside the city and sunny-ing it up in the sand.

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