5 Days In Sydney

Sydney is the most iconic and well known city in Australia. Full of stunning beaches, architecture, events, activities, bars, clubs and pubs, you will be sure not to be bored when taking a trip to this city. Trying to fit everything in 5 days in Sydney may be a squeeze, but we have rounded up some of the best tours and activities for you to get involved in.

When heading on any holiday the first thing you should do is check out Pelikin Experiences on our website or on your Pelikin App. There is heaps of awesome excursions, tours, and adventures to chose from.

This 5 day travel itinerary will tell you all about what 5 Pelikin Experiences you should book onto. 5 experiences for 5 days.

Day 1. Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

While stopping in Sydney, why not try out the most touristy thing there is to get involved in – The Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk. You’ll get to witness the city of  Sydney from extraordinary heights and feel the wobbly-leg syndrome on this epic Bridge Climb adventure.

Yeah you may have walked the bridge from below but walking from above is an experience on another level (literally). Whether you’re a height lover or height hater, challenge your fears and fitness on this epic excursion. Plus you get to learn so many awesome facts about the city of Sydney and the iconic bridge. Pick from either a sunrise tour, sunset tour or just a heat of the day tour all in Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App now.

This is a great tour to get you going as you’ll be able to see all the other spots you may want to visit.

Day 2. Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is a 2 hours out of Sydney city centre and is a great full day adventure. The stunning scenery of the hazy blue mountains is completely different from the city views and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

In Pelikin Experiences you can book onto an amazing Blue Mountains tour which will allow you to by-pass the crazy city traffic by driving you to the destination. The educated tour guide will take you to the iconic ‘Three Sisters’, the gushing waterfalls and the best viewing spots and platforms. You’ll be able to take some incredible photos of the unique scenery in Sydney and overall have an incredible day out.

Day 3. Bondi Beach Surf Experience

Why not ride the waves on Sydney’s most famous beach? If you are wanting to learn to surf then this is defo the place to do it. In Pelikin Experiences you can learn to surf like a pro, with the pros in either a private surf lesson or a group surf lesson. They will teach you the basics and get you up and going on the Bondi waves. It is a great and fun way to experiences the Sydney lifestyle. But make sure to watch out for the rip tides, you don’t want to be featuring on the next episode of Bondi Rescue – eek.

Day 4. The Rocks Pub Tour

You can’t go to Sydney and not experience some of their best pubs in the Rocks Pub Tour. The Rocks sits just beside circular quay (where the Opera House is situated) and has some of the best city nightlife. From Sydney’s oldest pub, most haunted pub, famous Irish bars to more modern venues, enjoy every sip as you get told stories, history and some fun facts on this Rocks Pub Tour.

Day 5. Sydney Tower Eye

End your Sydney experience on a high (literally!) Why not splash out and see the city from the heightist point at the Sydney Tower Eye. The Sydney Tower Eye (or Westfield Tower) as some may call it is is as heigh as 305 meters in the air. You can either just head up to the viewing platform or you can eat out at the luxury restaurant that presents you with a 3 course meal and some stunning cocktails. The whole top of the Sydney tower revolves so you’ll get to witness every inch of the view from your seats as you spin around in the air.

Not only is it a great place to see the whole of Sydney, but is it the best spot to see the stunning sunset. Watch the sun sink behind the city as your trip in Sydney comes to a sweet end.

Other Sydney Pelikin Experiences

If you’re staying a little longer than 5 days, or if you don’t fancy one of the experiences above, then why not try some of these epic experiences that you can also book in your Pelikin app or on the Pelikin website now. Including a Sydney Harbour Helicopter Flight, Sydney Chocolate and Coffee Tour, Haunted Sydney Ghost Tour, Sydney Speed Boat Adventure, or Wine Tasting in the Hunter Valley .

There are heaps of awesome adventures you can get involved in with Pelikin Experiences.

Travel Sydney With Pelikin

All the above tours you can book now with Pelikin. You will find them all easily in the Pelikin App or Pelikin website when you search Sydney. If you enjoyed our blog of ‘5 Days In Sydney’, then let us know with a comment below. Plus, don’t forget if you’re struggling to organise any tour or trip away, make sure to get in contact with Fiona who will help you plan your holiday for free.

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