The countdown for the most streamed sporting event – The Super Bowl is upon us, have you got your dream ticket to be in the crowd? Sports Where I Am are here to help you get the golden tickets for worldwide sporting events and we can give you some awesome discount thanks to our awesome Squad Perks!

Following on our previous blog about ‘The NBA in USA’ and our Squad Perks Partner blog, we speak to the CEO of Sports Where I Am Matt Scully about the inspo behind his brilliant business, and the best ball games he has been to…

Hey Matt thanks for talking to us today! SWIAM is an awesome platform, please tell us in your words exactly what it is!! 

Yeah! Well, Sports Where I Am is a service for travellers and sports lovers to want an epic sporting experience overseas but struggle to find dates of the games, to find tickets that they trust, to figure out where is close to the area to book accommodation or even have no idea about the transport system in where they are. So that’s where we come in, we are one platform that can provide Aussies with everything they need so they can have a stress-free experience. 

What an idea! We love it, how did you get inspo to start it up?

Thank you! Well, Adrian and I traveled to NYC one year and because we are both big sports fans we wanted to have the most authentic experience while we were there so we tried to organise as many games and events as we could. But it was such a complicated process, there was so much research involved, we were always on, Skyscanner, trip advisor, dodgy ticket websites and then we kept getting conflicting information. So we thought ‘hey lets put all the correct information in one place’, and then that’s how we grew. 

We completely understand the frustration, and what you have created has already been so helpful to the team members here at Pelikin that are soon going overseas and want to get involved in a sports game! 

Now I can imagine you have seen many sports events in your time, what would you say has been your favourite international sporting experience?

One year my brothers and I went to the USA over Christmas to watch the NBA game Miami Heat against LA Lakers. It was my first time seeing Labron James and all the other star-studded cast. I mean our parents weren’t so happy we all missed Christmas for it but it was so worth it. Our seats where so high up and at the back – we didn’t have anyone behind us we were that high up but it was the best experience I’ve been to. 

That sounds awesome, we are so jealous! Is the NBA the most popular purchased tickets? Or is there another sporting event that Aussie’s loves more?

NBA is popular among most Australians and our customers. There are big Aussie NBA players which helps drive that. 

Haha yes, we got to support our own right? Thanks for talking to us today Matt, it really is an awesome website and so helpful for all travellers.

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