Best Places To Skydive In Aus

There is no adrenaline rush like it! A skydive in on everyone’s bucket list and there is no better place to experience the once-in-a-lifetime experience like Aus. If you fancy yourself as a daredevil and are looking to take the ultimate plunge while in Australia then keep reading as we’re here to tell you the best places to skydive in Aus.

A skydive isn’t cheap and there is way more too it then just jumping out of a plane! As well as the 60 second sh*t scary free fall, you’ll also experience the few minutes soaring through the air on the parachute, so you’ll want the scenery to be spectacular.

Mission Beach Skydive (QLD)

Mission beach skydive has been argued the best place to skydive in Aus. Not only are you absolutely guaranteed a beach landing (which is what everyone wants unlike a grassy field), but also the scenery down the free fall is absolutely stunning. See the ocean from new heights and watch the waves crash from as far as the eyes can see. Soar down in the tropical heat of Queensland’s north while dodging the crocs as you land on the golden sand!

Airlie Beach Skydive (QLD)

If you’ve been lucky enough to experience the scenes in the Whitsundays then you know this skydive won’t disappoint. See the stunning 74 Whitsundays island from new heights, the contrast of the white sands and bright blue water is a scene like no other. With this skydive you will be able to experience a beach landing as long as the weather is not too windy. You may sign up to such an experience but they may change it to a grass landing if the weather isn’t worthy. But we can assure you, the view will make it all worth it!

Uluru Skydive (NT)

Take a spot on a skydive amongst Ayer Rock! Why not have your ultimate adventure in the most iconic destination in Australia? Skydiving at Uluru (Ayers Rock) will make your visit to the spiritual heart of Australia truly unforgettable. There is no better way to view Uluru and the ‘Red Centre’ from the air. You’ll witness the miles and miles of the amazing red sand as well as Kata-Tjuta (the Olgas), Lake Amadeus and Mt. Connor.

Other Aus Skydive Experiences

There are so many awesome places in Aus that you can experience the ultimate tandem dive. From Hunter Valley in NSW, Yarra Valley in Victoria, Perth, Bribie Island, Brisbane, Marcoola, York and so many more. Find a Skydive spot near you in Pelikin Experiences on the Pelikin App now. What are you waiting for? Pelikin Experiences has heaps of skydiving options and locations available, from 8000 feet or 15000 feet, pick an option that suits you!

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