Charlotte’s La Tomatina Experience

Charlotte is a school teacher in her twenties that headed to the world famous La Tomatina in Spain a couple of years back. Next week this messy event returns for another year of vegetable throwing, so we reached out to try find a Pelikin follower who could tell us all about it… Meet Charlotte.

Charlotte ft. bulk tomatoes

Hey Charlotte, La Tomatina looks nuts… tell us all about it.

Yeah it’s a tomato throwing festival held every year on the last Wednesday in August. Basically, people pack the streets of a tiny town called Bunol just outside of Valencia, Spain. Trucks dump loads of tomatoes on them and it’s a massive food fight. It’s also a massive party which is why it’s full of Aussies!

Nice, why’d you go?

Just ticking another item of my bucket list.

Perfect. Did you make the journey there alone?

No I went with group, a bunch of us Aussies who were living in London and some token Spaniards.

Doesn’t see like the type of thing you want to fly solo at. How’d you go with accommodation etc?

We planned it all ourselves but there’s heaps of companies like The Fanatics and Busabout who do tours which would be the way to go it if you’re travelling solo or want to meet people (or if you can’t be bothered organising logistics).

Let’s get to the tomato throwing, did you enjoy it?

Tbh NO!

Festival Moshpit > Tomato Moshpit

Haha fair enough, why?

You catch an early train out of Valencia,(hello 6am Sangria). You arrive in Bunol and pack the tiny streets. It’s the best atmosphere. People are throwing red wine and water over the crowds from their balconies and everyone is super hyped. It’s one big party which was awesome until a massive truck almost the width of the road starts to roll down the street dumping tomatoes.

I’m all for a mosh pit but this was a crowd crush!

Shit, sounds rough!!

Yeah big time, we were slammed up against a wall and there was an eerie silence as people were trying to breathe. It sounds dramatic but people were literally climbing up the walls trying to get out of the way of the truck. Everyone eventually dispersed but the tomatoes were so minimal and mush by now.

So the tomatoes ruined the party?

Yep, massive let down!!!

Note. Any advice for those heading to Bunol to get messy next week?

Don’t bother! Spend your time (and money) in Barca or San Sebastian. But If you still insist, wear closed in shoes and goggles! I freaked the Spaniards out by wearing thongs but I had three layers of socks donated to me so I got to keep my toenails.

Noted, try keep your toe nails. Tomatoes aside, was Bunol cool?

Bunol looks like a murder scene. Valencia is the place to be. I would actually skip Bunol next time along with La Tomatina. My tip, meet your mates in Valencia for the after party.

Finally, how many tomatoes out of 5 would give La Tomatina?


La Tomatina is held every year on the last Wednesday of August in the town Bunol. Our mate Charlotte thinks it sucks.

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