Everyone’s role at Pelikin HQ plays a huge part in building our product and brand. Our interns are no exception. We sat down with Cindy in her final week at with us to chat all things Pelikin, life, travel and more!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am Swedish and have lived in Melbourne for 5 years. When I’m not at uni, my internship or working part time, I like to head out for a run when the weather’s looking good!

What are you studying?

A Bachelor of Information Technology majoring in Mobile Application Development at the Academy of Information Technology.

What was one of the challenges of this internship?

I found it hard to get used to the tools and grasp all the information in the beginning. But once I wrapped my head around it I was able to hit the ground running. I feel like I’ve achieved some awesome stuff in the last 12 weeks.

That’s great! What would you consider one of your biggest achievements throughout the internship?

I really have done a lot while being at Pelikin, and I feel like I’ve contributed a lot to the development of the app which feels great to be given that kind of responsibility. I specifically think the creation of the app interfaces has been the most rewarding part.

And what next?

I’m keen to get out there and continue working on front end development and see my creations come to life.

Now let’s talk travel!

The last place I visited was Japan with my family last year.My favourite place in the world is Malaysia! My dad is Malaysian and we always head there and my next stop is Korea. My boyfriend is Korean and has family there that I’m excited to meet. I also have friends over there so it’ll be great to reconnect and discover a new city!

Favourite Pelikin app feature?

Group tabs for sure. Being able to connect with your friends and your money while travelling is essential and I don’t know how we’ve lived so long without it!

We’ve really enjoyed having you in the office Cindy and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for your next chapter. Congrats on finishing uni now and cheers for all your hard work over the last 3 months.

Thanks guys, it has been really fun and the team super friendly. I can’t wait to see Pelikin do (more) great things!