We think we’ve got a pretty epic team. Actually, we know we do, and we’d like you to get to know another pillar of our dev team, fixin’ Dickson! There isn’t a coding problem this guy can’t solve, and he’s done a whole heap of crazy dev in his time with us!

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Malaysian and recently moved to Melbourne about two ago. I love my sport taking any chance to watch Liverpool play and you’ll usually find me in the gym on the weekends.

Whats your role here at Pelikin?

Application Support Developer!

What did you study?

Bachelor of Business Information Technology and a Master of Computing Science both in RMIT University Melbourne.

What’s been the biggest challenge of the role?

As a developer I find it challenging when you’re not able to get things done! Sometimes a simple task can take a very long time to solve, but that’s just the nature of dev work unfortunately.

What’s been your biggest achievement at Pelikin?

I love being able to see my work published on the Pelikin App. It’s super rewarding to see the long hours of work come to life. There’s also something super satisfying about squashing major bugs!

Now we already know it’s a prerequisite to love travel to be a part of the squad, so tell us the last place you visited!

My last trip was to Singapore.

And what would you say your favourite place in the world is?

Definitely Japan. Their culture and food won me over when I went there!

Where would you like to explore next?

Somewhere around Europe I think, Greece looks crazy beautiful and I’d love to lock that in as my next destination.

We know it’s hard to choose but what would be your favourite Pelikin app feature?

I used to hate having to take my money out and convert it at a teller overseas, so the ability to instantly swap my money in-app and spend it straight away would have to be my favourite!


Awesome, thanks for all your amazing work you do here at Pelikin Dickson! Check out Dicksons work or yourself and download our App here to enjoy all the perks of travelling with Pelikin and being a part of the Pelikin Squad.

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