So you’ve decided on your dream summer destination and are all set to take off? Or, are you still finalising plans, booking stuff and looking forward to your upcoming holidays? Whatever you are doing, you need a travel budget! 

Everybody’s budget is different, but this will give you an idea of the things to think about when planning your holiday expenses:

Flights and transport costs

Flights are a big expense for most travellers, especially if you’re heading to Europe or anywhere outside Australia really. 
If you’re planning on moving around during your holiday (disregard if you’re planning on spending 2 weeks parked in a bungalow in Hawaii) chances are you’re going to need to splash the cash on public transport, airport transfers and the odd Uber or taxi.

Go at the right time

Be aware of the seasonality of travel. What is considered to be “off-peak” in one country might not be in another. Various destinations have different tourist seasons so make sure to do your research.
Take advantage of early-bird deals and avoid school or public holidays.

Travel with Friends

Your group chats are already consumed with talk of fun and different ways to travel, so why not turn it into a reality?
There’s no one better to share your travel adventures with than all of your BFFs. 
This is one of the best ways to save money while travelling because you can split all the costs. Hotel/hostel, groceries, car rentals, activities; all of it gets so much cheaper when you are not alone.  


Having an idea of what a meal costs in the places you’ll be travelling is essential. Some people already have a number in mind on how much they would spend on food in a day. Try to figure out this number prior to departure.


Are you planning on spree shopping in New York, hot air ballooning in Melbourne, scuba diving in the Maldives, checking out the Colosseum in Rome or any other activity that isn’t free? 

Make a list of your must do’s, have a Google spreadsheet and add all these costs up too.

Taking all of these tips and tricks into consideration, you should now be ready for planning your next adventure ✈️.