How To View Your Pin On Your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Card

Hands up if you have a memory like a goldfish? We do too, which is why we made it super easy to view your Pelikin prepaid travel card pin at a touch of a button and at any time you need. When receiving your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Card you will be given a unique PIN number that can only be viewed by your eyes only. To re-see the pin for your Pelikin prepaid travel card all you need to do is this….

Forgotten Your Pelikin Travel Card Pin?

To view your pin all you need to do is head to the CARD section on your Pelikin Travel App. When you go onto this section you will see a picture of a neon Pelikin prepaid travel card. On the top corner of this card will be a pink circle saying ‘VIEW PIN’.

You will then have to answer a few simple security questions before we show you your Pelikin prepaid travel card pin. For safety we only show you one number of  your pin at a time.

Other Questions Regarding Your Pelikin Prepaid Travel Pin

Can I Change The Pin For My Pelikin Card?

Unfortunately you aren’t able to change to change the pin of your Pelikin prepaid travel card, this is to make sure your travel money is super safe.

Is My The Pin Of My Pelikin Card The Same As My Passcode?

Your Pin is not the same as the passcode you enter to get into your Pelikin App.

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