It’s no secret that Pelikin works best when it’s used by friends travelling together. Whether it’s splitting bills, fighting over who gets the cash back or just generally having a better travel money experience

So it’s time to spread the world so more people can start using Pelikin for all things travel money!

Easily invite your friends to Pelikin by clicking on the love heart in the top right corner of you home screen and then just choose how you’d like to share your referral code.

Hot tip: Your referral code is the same as your Pelikin username, so it really couldn’t get much easier than that!

So how can you score $5 travel money from us?

When your friends join Pelikin and load $20 or more with their first account load, we’ll shoot $5 into your Australian Dollar Pelikin wallet. We’ll check your referrals and make payments every week so keep an eye out for a push notification from us!

Remember, if your friends load less than $20 with their first account load you won’t be eligible for the $5 travel money, so be sure to let them know to load at least $20 worth of travel money straight up.

Thanks for helping us spread the Pelikin love – we guarantee that you’ll love spending your travel money with your friends on your next overseas trip.

Read the T&Cs here:)