We want to show off all our team, old AND new. So meet Fiona! Who is also, our content and social coordinator, so is interviewing herself (lol hi haha)!

Tell us about Fiona?

Well like Princess Fiona I like Pina Coladas, but NOT getting caught in the rain, which is why I moved from rainy England to the beautiful city that is Melbourne. I have officially achieved my lifetime goal of visiting more countries than the number of years I’ve been alive (28 Countries visited at 25 years old). I love hot weather, netball, eating and everything social media. 

What does Fiona do at Pelikin?

I am the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator. I am always on Insta and creating crafty blogs about travel hacks and hangouts! (Give them a read here haha!). I became part of team Pelikin in November 2019. I love the team (old and new) and I’m very passionate about the product. My favourite campaign was when I did the #GoLocal campaign and interviewed loads of Australian tour providers, you can still check them out now here!!

Where has been your favourite travel destination? 

I love Asia, especially the food and the people are SO friendly. My last trip was in Vietnam for 4 weeks (which is where the image is from) and I had the best time, from the Ha Giang Loop, Halong Bay and Hoi An, I loved it all.  

The most beautiful place would have to be Switzerland or Austria, because they look like a postcard. BUT ultimately I love Australia. I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot of it while international borders have been shut and it’s been incredible!

How was 2020 for Fiona?

I guess the whole year was hard for everyone. It’s really hard being thousands of miles away from home in these uncertain times. I would have loved to go back to visit my family and friends, as it’s almost been 3 years now, but it wasn’t possible for us. We made the most of it though by travelling to different states of Aus (Covid safe). But overall I’m grateful, as I know many friends who have been affected badly and overall had a life changing year. 

Have you been anywhere exciting recently?

I went for a long weekend trip to SA recently and drank the Barossa Valley dry haha! It’s beautiful there. We did a few days in Adelaide, a day at the Barossa and a day at Kangaroo Island. It was my first time in SA and OMG I wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did. I would 100% recommend. 

Where are the top 3 places you’d fly to tomorrow if you could and why?

I can’t possibly pick 3, there are so many places I want to go haha. 

Apart from a flight home to see my family and friends, I’d like to do an American road trip? They go so big and are so extra. From Vegas to LA to NY, like Australia, everywhere seems to be different and exciting. 

I would also love to head to South America as I can imagine it will be completely different from Europe or Asia or anywhere I’ve ever visited. Think I’ll need to work on my Spanish first though. Ola? Gracias?

Thirdly, maybe Hawaii to do some hula hula dancing haha. Or Fiji, Maldives etc. Basically a luxury tropical island. 

Thanks for the epic chat (lol), and being part of the Pelikin team! 

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