It’s time to introduce you to another one of our awesome team members! Meet the king of karaoke, travel joke teller, and the man with 9 lives, it’s… Freddie!

Thanks for the chat, let’s kick it off! Tell us about Freddie?

Well, I’m over 20 (you don’t need the exact numbers haha!) and I’m from Clark in the Philippines. I live here and work for Pelikin remotely. I like to play chess, watch movies and I love karaoke (I like to sing anything that is of old slow rock or mellow music genres from the 70s, 80s, 90s, like Queen, Styx, Scorpions, Journey, Little River Band, Air Supply…?). A fun fact about me is that I have 9 lives. I almost died 5 times already! 

WHAT that’s crazy, 5 times?

Yeah, from 2 super typhoons, near cobra strikes, rabies, machetes, and more.

Jeez, we need a whole other blog with the stories you have Freddie! What does the man with 9 lives do at Pelikin?

I studied Computer Science at school and so I do the back-end and some front-end development work at Pelikin. I joined the team in Feb 2021 and I love the stuff that we build here. Everyone on the team is nice – I’m the worst and grumpiest! 

Nah you’re not the grumpiest haha! So, where has been your favourite travel destination? 

My favourite travel experience ever has to be when I went on a 3 days vacation with my girlfriend at a surfing beach resort in San Juan, La Union, the Philippines.. Which was amazing.

But the ultimate favourite places I have been to are…

  1. Camotes Island, Philippines
  2. Northwestern Norway
  3. Osaka, Japan

They are 3 completely different places but all are awesome. I did loads of tours in each location. 

They all sound dreamy! Have you got any good travel stories for us?

I know three siblings from China — Bu, Chu, and Fu. They were being persecuted by the Chinese government. The US government offered them asylum, but the condition was that they should change their names to English-sounding names. So Bu became Buck and was given a US visa. Chu became Chuck and was given a US visa. Fu decided to stay in China. This is a TRUE story, REALLY.

Haha, not the type we were thinking of, but we like it. Where are the top 3 places you’d fly to tomorrow if you could and why?

  1. Melbourne so I can see the Pelikin office in person, and probably go with Sean on one of his many adventures. 
  2. Switzerland because it looks so amazing there
  3. Iceland because I want to experience the Geysers!

We wish you could come to Melbs to Freddie! Thanks for the epic chat, and being part of the Pelikin team!

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