I’m a little late with this months update and it’s because we’ve been flat out at Pelikin HQ adding as much value as possible before the festive season kicks off! And guess what, I think we’ve done it.

As you might have heard, this month not only did we launch our Pelikin Travel Insurance Product, but we also created 10 epic extra packs so that you can build your own cover. This means you only pay for the cover you need!

Last month I also put the call out to the Squad to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions on Pelikin and I’ve been bombarded with responses, thank you! Learn more about how we’ve used this feedback below.

Part 1: Pelikin Travel Insurance ☔️

Early this November we released the first part of our Pelikin Travel Insurance product to all of the Pelikin Squad so make sure to tap ‘More’ in the bottom right hand corner of your dashboard and check it out.

To get this done we partnered with insurance gurus Travel By Us. It’s because of the speed and agility of the TBU team that we’ve been able to get the first iteration of this feature out to you in just a few months.

In a nutshell, Pelikin Travel Insurance provides 3 levels of cover to suit the way you travel and of course your budget. Here’s what’s available…


On a budget? Our Saver plan is built for travellers who want to stay covered without blowing the budget. Travel easy knowing your covered for all the basics like medical emergencies, dental, lost luggage and legal costs.


Affordable & flexible. The Basic Plan is for those savvy travellers who want to travel the world enjoying peace of mind knowing their medical bills are covered along with extra basics like lost luggage and expensive tour and hotel cancellations.


This one’s a beauty built for experienced travellers who want affordable and broad cover no matter where they are or what they’re doing. From unlimited cancellations, unlimited non-medical emergency expenses and higher payouts for dental, lost luggage and legal expenses our comprehensive pack has it all.


Part 2: Add Your Own Extras ☔️

We brought you Pelikin Travel Insurance, now we’re letting you build your own cover. These beauties are designed to help protect you and your possessions without the hassle of digging through all of the fine print. Adding your extras separately also means that you’re only paying for the cover you need and not what you don’t. Bonus. Here’s what we’ve added…

Device Pack, Adventure Pack, Car Rental Pack, Snow Pack, Bike Pack, Golf Pack, Watersports Pack, Business Pack, Cruise Pack and Pregnancy Pack.

Squad Feedback ?

I’ve been reaching out to Squad over the last few months to learn how your experience with Pelikin’s been, what you’re loving, what you’re not and what you want to see next on the menu.

It’s been great to see so many people get involved and share their thoughts and I promise you I’m reading them all, so thank you!

There’s been a few standout themes that I thought might be worth touching on and giving the Squad a glimpse of what’s on the horizon.

Group Tabs

In 2020 we’ll be beefing up Group Tabs, giving users more control around the management of their tabs, payments and settlement. The first build of Group Tabs was a whopper so we made the decision to crawl and get feedback from the Squad before learning to walk. Below is what’s on our list for round 2 but don’t let this stop you sharing your thoughts!

  • Update and delete payments from a tab.
  • Update and delete existing tabs and members after they are created.
  • Comment on and discuss payments with friends from within a tab.
  • Improved activity feed.
  • Partially settle debts from within a tab.
  • Improved tracking of settle debts outside of a tab.

FX Rates

At the moment our FX rates are only available in app when you go to make a swap. Whilst this is awesome if you’re a Squad member with dollars in your account, new users or users with empty accounts have no way to get the information they are chasing. Over the next few months we’ll be taking your feedback onboard and adding some tools both in-app and on our website to help improve transparency around our rates.

In-App Chat

It’s in the pipeline don’t worry. Early in 2020 we’ll be lifting that annoying curtain and getting this puppy live.

Thoughts, Feelings, Emotions?

Your insight will not only help improve our foundation but also prioritize our feature roadmap. After all we’re building this for you so don’t be shy and let us know what you think by emailing me at or filling out our short form here.


Wallet Load Times ⏱️

Wallet load times are always on our mind and behind the scenes we’ve made some tweaks to the way in which we grab this information and display it to you. On average you’ll now save about 0.5 – 1 second every time you visit your dashboard.

FX in Push Notifications ?

It came to our attention that data in our push notifications for transactions made in foreign currencies not held in a currency wallet were getting muddled up and showing the wrong foreign exchange data. This bug has now been squashed.

Push Notifications for Purchases ?

Push notifications for card purchases were coming through inconsistently and occasionally not at all. As long as you have notifications turned on for Pelikin you should now get these instantly when you buy something and all the time!

Pelikin Website Contact Webform ?

You may have noticed we recently overhauled our website. As a result we’ve had some teething problems with the integration between our contact webform and help desk. This has now been fixed so you’ll be able to contact the team and know for sure that we’re reading your questions!

Till Next Time

That’s it for November but if you have any more questions, thoughts, feedback or just love to chat please email me at