October was all hands on deck at Pelikin HQ. We added a new feature and used feedback from the Squad to make some significant improvements. We’re stoked with what we’ve achieved! Check it all out below…

You Can Now Invite Friends to Pelikin ?

Earlier this month we released Pelikin Invites. This means that everyone in the Pelikin Squad now has their own unique invite code to pass onto a mate who hasn’t had the pleasure of joining Pelikin yet.

Sharing your invite code with your mates is simple…

  • ​​Tap ‘More’.
  • Tap ‘Invite’.
  • Tap the ‘Share’ icon.
  • Choose the app you want to share your invite code in and let it rip!

In the very near future inviting your friends will play a key role in helping you win prizes and earn rewards. So stay tuned, it’s just around the corner!

New Look Spending Displays ?

Thanks to your feedback we’ve learnt a few things and made some changes to our spending feed and displays. These are now clearer, more informative and a lot more beautiful. Make sure to check them out!

Group Tabs Improvements ?

Group Tabs continues to go from strength to strength and as you can see in the above snap you can now add payments to a tab directly from your Spending feed. We think that this has really streamlined the process of adding a payment to a tab and helps you keep a better track of what has and hasn’t been added. Give it a whirl and let us know your thoughts.

Reset Password ?

When trying to reset your password in-app, a very small number of you are having difficulty resetting your password. This was caused by the verification email not hitting your inbox as fast as it should be.

This bug has been an absolute doozy and because it’s not affecting all of you diagnosing it’s been very tricky. Unfortunately we don’t yet have a fix for it, but rest assured we are well aware of it and working around the clock to get it squashed. If this issue is affecting you, make sure to let the team know.

Help Us Make Pelikin Great! ?

Help us on our quest to make Pelikin the best travel & money app by giving us your feedback. We want to hear what you love, what you don’t and how you’re using Pelikin. Knowledge is power and the more insight we have the better we can make Pelikin for everyone!

You can leave your feedback here, it only takes a couple of minutes. Otherwise if survey’s aren’t your style you can email me at  mattb@pelikinmoney.com.