Introducing the redesigned Pelikin Visa Prepaid Travel Card!

We have been working hard at Pelikin, planning for our upcoming relaunch! In this time, we have been working on and adding new products, improving existing products and adding a bunch of new exciting features that we can’t wait for you to experience (keep watching this space!)

One of our newest redesigns that we are SO excited to share is our new neon Pelikin Visa Prepaid Travel Card. Same card with a new redesign twist! We thought we would improve the look of our card, so we changed some things around! Our new card design completely embodies our brand image ?

What Does the Pelikin Travel Card Do?

Spend in the local currency, wherever you are! Let’s remind you what our travel card does! Be introduced to a world full of travel, friends, experiences and good times without feeling stressed about where your money is! Stay in control of your money while you’re overseas, and explore the world with just one card in your pocket (don’t worry it’s super bright so you won’t lose it). ?????

Why Choose the Pelikin Travel Card?

With our new Pelikin travel card, you can SPEND WITH US while you TRAVEL WITH US. With no minimum or maximum amount needed and the option to use anywhere where Visa is accepted! Use it along with our app (coming soon) for free!

Are You Keen?

Keep an eye out via socials and our email to be the first to know when our app relaunch goes live! ?Where will you be taking your travel card first?

More exciting travel card news coming your way very soon… any guesses??