Pelikin & Travel By Us just went down in history as one of the greatest duos of all time!

Our family is growing and we are stoked to announce our partnership with Aussie-born and Sydney-based travel insurance company Travel By Us. This was a natural progression for us in our product offering and we can now give the Pelikin Squad an incredible end-to-end travel insurance product which can be easily purchased and managed directly within our app.

Travel By Us’ multi-tiered travel insurance has been designed to cover all aspects of a young traveller’s itinerary. From snow to surf and protecting sacred smartphones and laptops, you guys are now able to cover it all and manage it with ease.

Commander in chief Sam says “The founder, Ben, is an Insurtech veteran and his Travel By Us team is a passionate group of experienced travellers, developers, insurance brokers and customer care people. Their difference is the inclusivity of cover, having more options for medical conditions that are typically not covered, extras to suit all types of travellers and cover for every budget. It’s this super flexible offering that appealed to Pelikin and we wanted to offer this to our cardholders.”

Unfortunately, many Australian travel insurers don’t offer a range of cover options for different ages and abilities. Ben and his team recognised that this was an issue and wanted to close this gap in the market and offer affordable and flexible protection for all Australians. This means that all Australian residents (but more importantly, Pelikin Squad members), be that travellers aged 9 or 99 years old, travellers with medical conditions, travellers on a range of budgets and even pregnant travellers are all able to covered with the right insurance for them.

We’re not gonna argue with Ben Webster, Founder of Travel By Us, when he says “Pelikin represents the future of travel money for Australian travellers. We’re excited by their tech-stack, but more importantly by their focus on solving real problems for real customers. We’re excited to be starting this journey together”.

We’re pretty keen too to say the least. Keep your eyes peeled because our Pelikin X Travel By Us product is set to be released in October 2019 is promises to compare to nothing you’ve seen before.


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