Pelikin Experiences In Darwin 

Whether you’re a Darwin born and bred, or living in the notorious Northern Territory and looking for an interstate adventure. There is so many awesome excursions available in Pelikin Experiences that you need to get involved in!

Jumping Crocodile Darwin Experience 

Release your inner Steve Irwin and and get aboard a close-up, croc hunting cruise on a (safe) boat tour. Darwin is the home of this scary scaley species so why not witness them for yourself in a very fun and frightening jumping crocodile experience? Sail out away from the Darwin mainland to witness the wonders of the incredible animal. You’ll learn all about croc biology, territorial habits and their value to the ecosystem. Watch their hunting tactics as they jump out the sea for their buffalo meat that is fed to them. Take some sneaky selfies with the amazing animal. You’ll also visit the impressive scenery of Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve as you cruise the Adelaide River.

This Pelikin experience last 5 hours and runs almost everyday. This is a must-do Darwin experience and it’s super easy to book in your Pelikin App.

Darwin Sunset Sailing Experience

Sit back, relax, feel that cool sea breeze in your hair, as you watch the most stunning sunset views in Darwin. Whether you’re looking to take a special someone on a special date night, are having a group get together, somewhere to escape with your work colleagues, or just love the sunset and sea, this Darwin Experience is perfect for every person and occasion.

This 3 hour Pelikin Experience will take you away from the Darwin mainland so you can witness the chaotic city from sea view. Enjoy the nibble plates and tasty Asian themed BBQ and salad meal as you sit and watch the most stunning sunset. What more can you can ask for? Oh wait, its BYO too, woo!

Litchfield National Park Waterfall Experience

Wanting to witness the wonders of Lichfield National Park but don’t want the hassle of doing the driving? We know the feeling! Which is why this Pelikin Experience is perfect. Book onto the best Lichfield National Park tour, where you will learn all there is to know about the area, animals and wonderful waterfalls that you’ll get to see, swim and take spectacular photos of.

The itinery includes; seeing and swimming in the double falls, Florence Falls. A guided walk through the scenic bush and monsoon vine forest. The home of rare bats, Tolmer Falls. A lovely lunch in Lichfield cafe. Another refreshing dip and swim in Wangi Falls. Feed the turtles in Howard Spring Nature Park. Last but not least, end the day witnessing the magnetic Termite Mounds for a fun photo.

This all-around trip only costs $187 in Pelikin Experience, so make sure you secure that spot!

Kakadu National Park Experience

You can’t visit, or even live in Darwin or the Northern Territory without visiting the largest national park in the whole of Australia. Kakadu is famous for being the most diverse landscape you will experience. The population of wildlife in the air, earth and water will blow you away. There are so many spectacular waterfalls, rock art, walks, bird watching, croc spying, fishing and swimming to be done. It is recommended you book onto a Kakadu tour as otherwise you’ll need a 4×4 to get to the best spots.

If you head into Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App you’ll be able to pick one of the many tours that take you on an epic Kakadu National Park Experience. Different tours have different stop off points depending where you want to see and what you want to do. There is an experience there for everyone, so make sure to get involved!

Go Local With Pelikin Experiences  

Why not live a little and book yourself onto a local experience? You’ll be able to find all the tours above plus over 4000 more across the whole of Australia under Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App today.

If you’re struggling to find an epic experience near you or wanting some inspiration on what to do then follow our #GoLocal campaign on our Facebook and Instagram. We have been highlighting all the amazing things you can get involved in within different parts of our amazing country.

Or check them out now here; Pacific Whale Eco AdventuresTamar Valley Wine Tours, Under Down Under and Cairns Canyoning. Plus if you’re looking to start your own Australian adventure, then Fiona’s has written up her (COVID safe) camper van trip’s top tips in her #GoLocal Road Trip pt.1 2 weeks in Cairns, and #GoLocal Road Trip pt.2 Cairns to Darwin.


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