Rebecca’s Mexican get away. We’ve heard mixed reviews about Mexico so we got on the hunt for someone fresh off a trip to the “Land of Enchantment”…We found Rebecca, a young professional Kiwi living in Sydney to tell us all about her recent trip to Cabo.

Hey Rebecca, Tell us about your trip…Where? What? Who?

This holiday was the epitome of ‘trip of a lifetime’. Eight girlfriends from school celebrating our 30ths in Cabo.. what more could you want?! Some of us hadn’t seen each other in years and we came from all corners of the globe to reunite — New Zealand, Australia, New York, LA and London. We’d talked about it for a year or so before we took the dive and locked it in. We had 10 days in Cabo followed by a few days in LA (for a few of us) before the long haul home. The destination was an easy one — we wanted somewhere warm, with beaches and poolside bars. Thailand came in a close second, but Cabo claimed the win ticking all our collective ladies-holiday-of-a-lifetime boxes.

That’s awesome! Did you guys have everything sorted before you jetted off?

We pre-booked all the big stuff in advance so we got the best possible prices for what would cost us the most. This included our accommodation (spectacular Airbnb Mexican villa with our own rooftop and pool!), flights from our respective destinations and airport transfers. The rest we left open.

Cool, so eating, drinking, dancing was all on the fly?

We did our research on where we wanted to eat, drink, dance etc so we weren’t blank slates when we got there but wanted to leave room for making decisions on the ground. We’re glad we didn’t lock too much in pre-trip so we had the opportunity to talk to locals or other tourists and get their advice on the to-dos. The trip was a good balance of pre-planning and holiday spontaneity.

What about the locals in Cabo? Are they a good bunch? Tourism is pretty full on there right?

They are. We mostly met tourists and other holidaymakers on their summer vacation (we travelled in July so a lot of Americans were on summer break). Cabo is a real tourist hub with all the resorts and white-sand beaches. The locals we did meet in the restaurants and resorts were lovely and welcoming.

As a group of eight Kiwi girls, people loved to come and chat to us, and hang out with us at the beach bars and pubs. It was great to meet so many other travellers and hear their intrepid stories. But mainly we were catching up with each other — a lot can happen in the 12 years since school!

Haha yeah, 12 years is a fair stint! Could you pluck out a highlight from your trip?

The most epic thing for us was the situation. Eight girlfriends reuniting in Cabo for 10 days worth of beach bars, resort pools, massages, cocktail hours, rooftop dance-offs and walks along the beach. When everyone is on the same vibe and up for anything, the holiday is going to be one to remember.

Well, you’ve sold me on Cabo…I’m guessing nothing sucked then?

Our Airbnb ran out of water every morning for 4 days of the trip… that sucked big time.

Eight girls wanting to shower/drink litres of water to dilute the hangover… it was dire. But these things happen on holidays and you just have to run with it. So we dived in the pool, grabbed water bottles and headed to the beach. Happy days!

Water is overrated anyway haha. Let’s talk money! What did you do for money during your trip?

I’m the first to admit I’m not a savvy traveller. I’m one of those old-school ‘go to the bank and get out enough cash out for the first few days’ kinds of travellers, which I know isn’t the smartest…None of us did that part too well actually.

We were using our overseas cards to pay in bulk for dinners, activities etc and would simply take turns to take the hit. Fees and all. We would go on group excursions to the local atm to get out local money for the final days. It definitely wasn’t a cost-effective way of holidaying, I wish we’d thought that part through a bit more and found a smarter way to pay.

Sounds rough! Don’t worry we’ll have your back next trip! How did your squad manage bills etc together? How did that go?

We decided the easiest option was for one person to pay for each meal/activity on behalf of the group — instead of trying to split bills etc. It certainly would have saved us a bit of coin using a product that didn’t incur fees…

I think to see the fees rack up on the old transaction list that was a bit of a fright for some of the girls post-trip!

I’ve heard that one 1 million times. People are getting stung overseas with crazy fees and really grinds my gears!

Haha, no doubt — I can definitely think of 8 Kiwi girls that could use Pelikin.

Thanks so much for the chat Rebecca, any last words?

Go to Cabo!!!!

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