Saving Your Travel Money in Pelikin Travel Fund

There are so many benefits of travelling with Pelikin. Not only do we provide you with an awesome prepaid travel card, an awesome travel app, but we also make it super easy and fun for you to store, save and move your travel money. Here is the low-down on saving your travel money in your Pelikin travel fund.

What Is My Pelikin Travel Fund?

Ambitious about your next adventure but sick of saving money? End up sneaking into those savings because well.. You’re bored? Lost motivation? You don’t feel the funds are growing fast enough? Saving just sucks? Pelikin has introduced an epic new way to reward you for your hard work, to keep you motivated to continue saving and give you a bit of guidance/tips n tricks along the way. WHY? We want our squad to live their best lives, make the most of this marvelous world and put your cash towards creating memories and new experiences.

Saving Your Travel Money and Pelikin Travel Fund Rewards

Pelikin travel fund is a fun and secure way to save. Not only can you design your own motivation moodboard with dreamy picture of your upcoming destination, funny memes to make sure you’re keeping your sh*t together, cool tips to encourage more savings but we will also reward you with epic cool gifts when you hit saving goals. 

WHAT? Yes, Pelikin will give you REAL prizes, ones that will help you save even more travel money because these are prizes you need! Because you deserve to be treated for saving for your travels. Because there is nothing more de-motivating than only getting $0.000003 interest reward from the bank when it’s taken your blood, sweat and tears to accumulate that hard earned cash! 

When hitting certain goals we will send you unique codes that allows you to get freebies and money-off some epic prizes. As you continue to save, we will also send you some cool tips about you can save even more money.

Storing and Budgeting Your Travel Money

As well as saving money, the Pelikin travel fund is a good way to budget your travel money. Budgeting yourself is important when overseas as you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of Morocco without a dime to get home. We created the travel fund so you can store all your travel money and then transfer your money from your travel fund to your Pelikin card on a daily or weekly basis, depending how you like to budget. This then stops you going too heavy on tapping all those transactions throughout the week and not realising how much you are spending.

Aside from budgeting, it is also great for storing your money. The sad reality is, a lot of people lose their stuff when travelling overseas. Whether it’s as lucky as only losing clothes when rushing your for your flight and throwing everything in your backpack, or unfortunately enough to leave your phone in a taxi or have it taken from your pocket. But nothing is worse than losing your wallet and having a pesky thief steal all your money. Which is why the Pelikin travel fund is fantastic to save and store all your cash in incase someone does start using your card. We have also got extra security in case this scenario happens, find out more here about freezing your Pelikin card at just a tap your finger.

How Do I Move Money From My Travel Fund?

It’s easy to upload your money directly into your Travel Fund, all you have to do is log into your account, click on your profile picture, add money, and select add money to ‘travel fund’.

To take your money out of your travel fund and into your Pelikin prepaid travel card, then do this by selecting the big pink button with the arrows that is places on your ‘money’ spending feed, and move it to ‘card’ spending feed! Remember, if you are setting yourself a target for how much travel money to save, they taking money out your travel fund will mean you won’t get those awesome prizes for hitting savings targets.

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Travelling With Pelikin

There are so many benefits of travelling with Pelikin that you can lose track of all the awesome features we have to offer, find out more about them here, including our awesome Squad Perks and Travel Sim. We also provide 24/7 in app customer service support so we are always on hand if you are experiencing any difficulties. 

If you haven’t signed up with Pelikin, then do so now, find out more here, or download our app now on either Apple or Android.

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