15% Off Some Sexy Swimwear With Budgy Smugglers

Get the sexiest party present with 15% off budgy smugglers. Forget the bath bombs, the selfie sticks, the obligatory choco and the other generic gifts that you are always secretly disappointed when you receive every year. Our new Pelikin Partner ‘Budgy Smuggler’ has a new flashy gift that they will love and have everyone laughing. Get yourself 15% off just for being part of the Pelikin Squad! 

The unique code is available for a whole year and is found in the app under ‘Squad Perks’ to get 15% off your purchase! 

About Budgy Smugglers

Budgy Smuggler was built by a group of friends who just loved a pair of swim briefs and wanted to share their love with the world. Take a look at their Website Here! Or their awesome socials; Facebook , Instagram or Twitter

Why will you love them?

We know you’ll love these. There is a design that suits everyone. For men, women and even kids, the whole family can get involved. 

You’ll soon see every traveller in different locations showing off their present. So get yourself or your mate one of these bad boys in prep for the beach. 

Pelikin Squad

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