Top Tours In Tasmania

Whether you’re a true Tassie looking for an epic experience to get involved in, or are lucky enough to be able to sneak into the state for a breath of (the cleanest) fresh air (in the world-literally), then Pelikin is here to tell you the top tours that you should get involved in when on this incredible island!

Famous for their clean air, stunning scenery and rich history, Tasmania has so much to offer every person and every preference. From wine tasting tours, hiking trips, beautiful beaches, history walks and coastal cruises, Pelikin Experiences has heaps of top trips and tours to keep you busy.

Full Tasmania Experience With Under Down Under

Experience the whole of Tasmania as you get taken around the island by the lovely local Narella. Under Down Under is a fantastic local organisation who execute heaps of tours to take you to the best spots in Tasmania. Pick from either a 1 day tour, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or even a 7 day tour depending on your length of stay.

With everything included in the booking price, you won’t have to worry about anything. Including accommodation, food and transport (whether that be bike or bus). Everything will be planned out so that you see all the hidden spots, beautiful beaches, be taken on the most popular (and secret) walking tours, sightseeing spots and will be filled with heaps of knowledge on the way. There is nothing to worry about on an Under Down Under tour. 

Tour prices vary depending on how many days you want to take the trip for and how luxury you would like your accommodation. To see the full offerings of what is included in an Under Down Under adventure then head into Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin app now and you will see all the tours they offer. 

Or watch our chat that we had with Narelle from Under Down Under here. She tells us all about the most popular tours, what’s included, what you’ll see and learn. Plus you’ll hear have covid has affected them, and how they need your support more than ever.

Tasmania Tamar Valley Wine Tasting 

Fancy a tipple in Tassie? Tamar Valley is a famous wine region that the locals and tourists love! The stunning scenery from the vineyards, tasty wine and heaps of knowledge they have will leave you feeling merry. 

This activity is a day long, so if your time is Tasmania is short then you’ll definitly be able to sneak this one in. The wonderful team at Tamara Valley Wine Tours will pick you up from your accommodation and take you to their wonderful wineries. You’ll get to taste their large variety of wines and wonder around their stunning vineyards. 

If you want to know more about this wonderful tour then watch our chat with wine expert Curly from Tamar Valley Wine Tours here. You can book a Tamar Valley tour in your Pelikin App now, so go for it, wine not? 

Hiking Tasmania Including Hiking Hire

If you exercise obsessed and love being out in the wild then Tasmania should be top of your list. There are heaps of awesome hikes and some great tours that will safely take you to the top of some epic views and stunning scenery. 

Wanted to take the hikes alone but unprepared and haven’t got the gear needed? No worries, in your Pelikin App you can rent out all the hiking equipment needed from McDermotts Coaches, such as walking poles, rain jackets, rain pants, fleeces and all the accessories to be fully prepped. McDermotts also conduct guided short and long hikes including Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake that you can book onto in your Pelikin App. 

Jump Tours also provide some epic hiking and East Coast experiences, all of which you can read and book in Pelikin Experiences in your Peliin App now. 

Go Local With Pelikin Experiences  

Why not live a little and book yourself onto a local experience? You’ll be able to find all the tours above plus over 4000 more across the whole of Australia under Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App today.

If you’re struggling to find an epic experience near you or wanting some inspiration on what to do then follow our #GoLocal campaign on our Facebook and Instagram. We have been highlighting all the amazing things you can get involved in within different parts of our amazing country.

Or check them out now here; Pacific Whale Eco AdventuresTamar Valley Wine Tours, Under Down Under, Cairns Canyoning and Ocean Free and Ocean Freedom. Plus if you’re looking to start your own Australian adventure, then Fiona’s has written up her (COVID safe) camper van trip’s top tips in her #GoLocal Road Trip pt.1 2 weeks in Cairns, and #GoLocal Road Trip pt.2 Cairns to Darwin.


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