We’ve all had them, those moments of the trip where you could just scream. Our Squad comes bearing war stories. Check out their Travel Fails!


Tropical island + 150cc moped + undeveloped roads = a big travel fail for Alex? ⛰️ ‘Exploring Nusa Penida was one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on, but I didn’t come out unscathed ? One morning our group got up for sunrise at 4.30am and hit the road. About 20 minutes into the adventure we came to a steep hill. There was some loose gravel at the bottom but it was really dark so I hit the breaks a little late. The bike slid out from under me and I went flying. Looking back I was very lucky it was nothing too serious but it’s certainly something I can have a laugh about now I still have the scar on my knee, I guess that’s why they call it the real Bali tattoo?’.


Zac’s backflip ends in a bloodbath! ‘It was my first time in Greece and my mates & I found some epic cliffs to jump off! I hadn’t quite nailed a backflip yet but I thought Greece would be a good time to start practicing! After a couple failed flip attempts I was like ‘Stuff it, I’m going to try go up and as straight as possible and try nail the technique’.. so I did. I made the height but not quite the distance and as you can probably guess I came down onto rocks below me As I came down I had to push off this hanging rock with my hands and feet so I didn’t crash to my death. I was so close to hitting my head and knocking myself unconscious, so I was stoked that I made it out unscathed…or so I thought…I climbed out of the water to see blood pouring out of the bottom of my toe like a hose. That pretty much ruined my Greece trip as I wasn’t allowed in the water for the rest of the trip’.


30 minutes into his Sail Croatia boat leaving the dock, Dima was wrestled onto a bed of broken glass by his best mate, slicing open his left foot. ⛵️? ‘There I was, taking in the surroundings as we set sail, Day 1 of sail, when my mate spear tackled me to the ground, having a broken Corona bottle to break my fall. There was blood everywhere, as I nursed a deep gash in my foot back to health. 7 days of stinging pain every time I jumped in for a swim stop. Cheers Rosco ??’⁠.


Air Alitalia strikes again- literally. Em had a midday flight to Split from Rome, only to find out the day before that the entire airport was on lockdown between 10am-2pm. ‘We were panicked because we had to be on our Sail Croatia boat the next day and couldn’t afford to get in later or we’d miss the boat. After a lot of trouble we managed to get on a flight the morning of the strike before 10am but it was to Dubrovnik, so then we also had to get a personal driver… who rocked up in a Mercedes playing Rufus ❤️ We got there in one piece’⁠.,


Even the CEO of a tech startup isn’t immune to the common misfortunes of travel. Sam’s 30th birthday dinner in Spain turned into 3 hour stay at a 2 star hotel in the Czcech Republic ??⁠ ‘A delayed flight meant a missed connecting flight, which landed me stuck in Prague airport. The icing on the cake was when they lost my luggage. I’m not fluent in Czech so sorting a new flight was tricky as hell…especially when I learnt I was talking to the wrong airline for 45 minutes, with the right airline staff just sitting next door listening to my problem without helping that whole time. After 4 hours I had locked in a new flight for the next day. The airline treated me to a flashy room at 2 star hotel down the road and a $20 voucher for the airport KFC.’ ?⁠ Best. 30th. Ever.⁠


In the space of a week Gabe lost his phone helping a drunk mate out of a cab and had his bags lost for 4 days while on Sail Croatia ? ‘Was wearing my mates undies and using their toothbrush for 4 days too long’.