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30 October 2019


Claudia Lipinski

Claudia Lipinski

We’ve all had them, those moments of the trip where you could just scream. Our Squad comes bearing war stories. Check out their Travel Fails!


Tropical island + 150cc moped + undeveloped roads = a big travel fail for Alex? ⛰️ ‘Exploring Nusa Penida was one of the best adventures I’ve ever been on, but I didn’t come out unscathed ? One morning our group got up for sunrise at 4.30am and hit the road. About 20 minutes into the adventure we came to a steep hill. There was some loose gravel at the bottom but it was really dark so I hit the breaks a little late. The bike slid out from under me and I went flying. Looking back I was very lucky it was nothing too serious but it’s certainly something I can have a laugh about now I still have the scar on my knee, I guess that’s why they call it the real Bali tattoo?’.


Zac’s backflip ends in a bloodbath! ‘It was my first time in Greece and my mates & I found some epic cliffs to jump off! I hadn’t quite nailed a backflip yet but I thought Greece would be a good time to start practicing! After a couple failed flip attempts I was like ‘Stuff it, I’m going to try go up and as straight as possible and try nail the technique’.. so I did. I made the height but not quite the distance and as you can probably guess I came down onto rocks below me As I came down I had to push off this hanging rock with my hands and feet so I didn’t crash to my death. I was so close to hitting my head and knocking myself unconscious, so I was stoked that I made it out unscathed…or so I thought…I climbed out of the water to see blood pouring out of the bottom of my toe like a hose. That pretty much ruined my Greece trip as I wasn’t allowed in the water for the rest of the trip’.


30 minutes into his Sail Croatia boat leaving the dock, Dima was wrestled onto a bed of broken glass by his best mate, slicing open his left foot. ⛵️? ‘There I was, taking in the surroundings as we set sail, Day 1 of sail, when my mate spear tackled me to the ground, having a broken Corona bottle to break my fall. There was blood everywhere, as I nursed a deep gash in my foot back to health. 7 days of stinging pain every time I jumped in for a swim stop. Cheers Rosco ??’⁠.


Air Alitalia strikes again- literally. Em had a midday flight to Split from Rome, only to find out the day before that the entire airport was on lockdown between 10am-2pm. ‘We were panicked because we had to be on our Sail Croatia boat the next day and couldn’t afford to get in later or we’d miss the boat. After a lot of trouble we managed to get on a flight the morning of the strike before 10am but it was to Dubrovnik, so then we also had to get a personal driver… who rocked up in a Mercedes playing Rufus ❤️ We got there in one piece’⁠.,


Even the CEO of a tech startup isn’t immune to the common misfortunes of travel. Sam’s 30th birthday dinner in Spain turned into 3 hour stay at a 2 star hotel in the Czcech Republic ??⁠ ‘A delayed flight meant a missed connecting flight, which landed me stuck in Prague airport. The icing on the cake was when they lost my luggage. I’m not fluent in Czech so sorting a new flight was tricky as hell…especially when I learnt I was talking to the wrong airline for 45 minutes, with the right airline staff just sitting next door listening to my problem without helping that whole time. After 4 hours I had locked in a new flight for the next day. The airline treated me to a flashy room at 2 star hotel down the road and a $20 voucher for the airport KFC.’ ?⁠ Best. 30th. Ever.⁠


In the space of a week Gabe lost his phone helping a drunk mate out of a cab and had his bags lost for 4 days while on Sail Croatia ? ‘Was wearing my mates undies and using their toothbrush for 4 days too long’.

Claudia Lipinski

Claudia Lipinski



February has been another mammoth month. We’re talking about new features, new squad perks, team movements and of course a new Login Legend! Queen of March ! 👑 It’s not been easy crowning our new king or queen of March’s Login Legend with all the…



Dodge the massive taxi fees and speed past the smelly public transport with $10 off your first Ola ride thanks to this awesome Pelikin Squad Perk. 

Fiona Duncan
Fiona Duncan


The Login Legend game has officially reached new heights (not far off the highest in the world to be exact), all thanks to the Melbs Master, Paul Le, who has just hiked to the all incredible SOUTH BASE CAMP OF EVEREST!

Fiona Duncan
Fiona Duncan