What would you do if you won $5000?

Pelikin Squad and Squadetts, we are giving away the opportunity of a life-time (or gift of a life-time depending how you wish to splash the $$$)! To share our love with our most loyal squadrons like yourself, we are giving away a whopping $5000. Whether your dream is a destination in Dubai or whether you want new toys to take on your travels with you, your winnings is up to you!

How to enter;

Well it’s easy peasy Pelikin squeezy, you are automatically entered if you have a Pelikin card and all you do is tap tap away on your card to earn points! The more points you get means the more times you’ll be entered in the draw!

Pelikin Points;

  • 10,000 points  = Referring a friend who then signs up
  • 5,000 point = Purchase one of our travel insurance packages
  • 2 points = Every $1 overseas
  • 1 point = Every $1 you load onto your card
  • 1 point = Every $1 spent in Australia

How long do I have?

Don’t stress, you have plenty of time as we won’t be counting the Pelikin Points until February hits.  So forget valentines day, this is an event that’s not worth missing! T & C’s Apply

Not Yet In The Squadron?

Don’t have a Pelikin travel card yet? Too easy, get one now and enjoy all the perks of travelling with Pelikin, being a part of the Pelikin Squad and being in the game to win 5K!

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