Ahhh the ‘name’ question. It’s a great one, thanks for asking!

It’s time to set the record straight and tell the tale of why we are called Pelikin.

You guessed it, it originates from that massive bird with the big beak! Did you know that pelicans are known for filling those big beaks with loads of valuable stuff (eg the fish they scoop up from the ocean) and taking flight across borders with it. Sounds pretty familiar to what we set out to do, except with money and an epic travel card!

Not only was this a huge coincidence that we couldn’t possibly ignore, but there’s actually a whole heap of other cool meanings behind the animal that really rang true to how we envisaged growing our brand and product. 

As a totem, a Pelican is known to be proactive and resourceful and can be defined as an opportunist with style and finesse. Spiritually, it symbolises social responsibility, teamwork, charity, generosity and friendliness. These are all attributes and qualities we not only saw in our company, but in our squad on the team and growing customer base. As well as this, Pelicans are heavily reliant on their groups, and as you already know, we have built Pelikin for groups of travellers… AKA THE PELIKIN SQUAD.

While we’re on the Pelikin Squad, a group of Pelicans is actually referred to as a ‘Squadron’… So that’s how the almighty Pelikin Squad was born.

So there you have it, our name explained for all the world! Unless you believe in reincarnation (or a Pelican is reading this) the closest thing you’ll ever get to being a Pelikin, is to become a Pelikin! So go grab yourself the Pelikin App and go get yourself a Pelikin Travel Card for your next overseas holiday.

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