Activities In Airlie Beach

Home to the world famous Whitsundays and sitting on the iconic Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Queensland. Since COVID-19 has cancelled all of our international travel dreams, we have never had a better opportunity to explore all the amazing destinations Australia has to offer. It’s time to travel our own Country, and we’re going to start with the awesome Airlie Beach! 

What are the Whitsundays?

Travelling Australia? The Whitsundays is the one place you definitely can’t dismiss. The 74 Whitsundays islands lie on the Queensland coast on the Great Barrier Reef. The incredible contrast of the blue sea and wonderful white sand make the Whitsundays one the most scenic spots for tourists and Australians alike. 

What is the best Whitsundays Tour?

When visiting the Whitsundays, you’ll need to book yourself on a boat tour that will allow you to sail through the stunning scenery. There are heaps of Whitsundays tours that you can book onto. But the best ones are those that you can get through your Pelikin App in Pelikin Experiences. These include OzSail, Prosail Whitsundays, Whitsunday Sailing Adventures and ZigZag Whitsundays. Each tour is for different taste’s, so take a look which one you want to board upon!


For all those boozy backpackers out there, OzSail is the one for you. Be aboard a boat full of 18-35 year old’s and explore all the Whitsundays has to offer on their 2 days and 2 nights tour. Get lost within the millions of stars above as you the Camp upon on one of the incredible islands at night. Then chill out during the days and you sunbath on the deck as you sail into the dreamy destination. 

Prosail Whitsundays

If you looking to learn how to sail yourself, or you already have a love for it, then the Prosail Whitsundays is the one for you. Get hands on experience on sailing the ship while also having a sweet time in this young and fun adventure. Spend 3 or 4 days making friends, making memories and learning to sail in the most scenic spot in the world. 

Whitsunday Sailing Adventures

For a little more luxury and a lot more sophistication, the Whitsundays sailing adventures have a few different tours to fit the experience you are looking for. Whether you are wanting to sail for yourself or relax amongst the beach boats, their small tour groups will give you an intimate but unique experience.

ZigZag Whitsundays

Don’t have a lot of time? No worries, with Zig Zag Whitsundays tour you can see the best of the beautiful Whitehaven beaches in a day. Plus experience some amazing snorkelling and swimming amongst the crystal clear waters amongst the Whitsundays! Watch out for the sharks though! 

Skydive in Airlie Beach! 

Ever dared to dive from 15,000 feet sky high? If you fancy yourself a dare devil and dream to do a skydive then there is no better place to do it than Airlie Beach. The Airlie Beach skydive is one of the only spots you can have a beach landing rather than grass. Not to mention you will be doing your 60 second free fall over the all incredible Whitsundays, meaning you will see the spectacular view at new heights. 

Our Marketing Coordinator Fiona, took part in the incredible Whitsundays Skydive herself (Airlie Beach Skydive):

“Skydiving is the most incredible experience of my life. I was so scared at first but the rush you get is incredible, not to mention the insane view I had over the Whitsundays as we flew in the small plane, did the free fall, and parachuted down. If anyone is looking to Skydive in Australia, then the Airlie Beach skydive is the one!”

Stop second guessing yourself and get involved in an experience of a life-time. Make the most of the amazing activities in Airlie Beach and book your skydiving experience and your Whitsundays experience on your Pelikin app now. All you need to do is head into Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin app, search Airlie Beach, and you can get involved in all the activities in that area!

Travel Australia With Pelikin Experiences

Not only will you find your Whitsundays and Skydive experience in your Pelikin App, you’ll be able to discover and book over 4000 more experiences across the whole of Australia. Because as we know, since the COVID-19 crisis, local tourism providers have taken a massive hit and need your help now more than ever.

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