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Indulge in the paradise of Thailand’s largest island, from culture to clubbing, scenery to sambuca, whether you’re strapped for cash or ready to empty your pockets, Pelikin have the tops 5 nightlife tips to ensure your Thailand experience is one to remember. So Phuk-et lets

We've been flat out at Pelikin HQ adding as much value as possible before the festive season kicks off! And guess what, I think we’ve done it.

There is nothing more USA than riding the sub to slam-dunk central, putting on a foam finger, grabbing yourself a hot-dawg and watching one of ‘Mericas most loved, star-studded spectacles - the NBA!

So to show off your epic images we are now featuring our Pelikin King or Queen on our App home screen for a whole month as our Login Legend! 

In addition to our 3 incredible Pelikin Squad travel insurance packages, we are now letting you build your own package and add your own extras!

Why did we call our travel card Pelikin?

We’re very excited to announce that you can now purchase travel insurance straight from your Pelikin app!

Our CEO (Sam), Head of Design (Matt), Development Manager (Sean) and Application Support Developer (Dickson) are joining the masses and participating in Movember this month. 

October was all hands on deck at Pelikin HQ. We added a new feature and used feedback from the Squad to make some significant improvements. We're stoked with what we've achieved!

Want to work for an exciting new company challenging the travel card status quo? Well we're looking for Content Creator and Social Media Marketing Manager to own all of our social media and content marketing efforts.

We are thrilled to welcome experienced Fintech Entrepreneur, Technologist and Executive David Monty to our advisory team.

Your card should work anywhere that Visa is accepted! Check out this article to learn more.

We sat down with Cindy in her final week at with us to chat all things Pelikin, life, travel and more!

Japan is one of the most insanely unique and beautiful countries in the world. It has something for everyone and it’s capital city Tokyo should have a top spot on your bucket list.

When you think of food in Bali, please don’t think of street eats that give you Bali Belly. Although Bali has their fair share of both, there are now literally hundreds of incredible cafes, restaurants and bars to satisfy every single craving you have.

We’ve all had them, those moments of the trip where you could just scream. Our Squad comes bearing war stories. Check out their Travel Fails!

Your money is sacred, IOU's suck and calculators are the worst. Learn how to split bills with Pelikin.

You can easily exchange money between your currency wallets with Pelikin. We call it swapping. Read more to learn how.

Overseas travel can be a coming of age experience, life changing, soul cleansing, Eat-Pray-Love sort of experience. So how do you decide if this is something that should be shared with your mates, or done on your own.

Just when you thought you and your mates couldn’t get any closer, in comes Pelikin Group Tabs. We’ve built a go-to place in our app that will be the new home to all the spending that you and your mates do as a group.

We're out of Beta 🚀 If you’ve just joined Pelikin in the last month you would have noticed that you needed an invite code to join. This is because we’ve finally began our soft launch in preparation for the big dance! A soft launch is the release

Pelikin Community Lead here, off the back of an epic 6 weeks in Europe. I’m a little dusty, slightly jet lagged but overall a whole heap more #cultured. If you take a look at my insta, you’ll see a typical young Aussie who set sail on

Pelikin & Travel By Us just went down in history as one of the greatest duos of all time! Our family is growing and we are stoked to announce our partnership with Aussie-born and Sydney-based travel insurance company Travel By Us. This was a natural progression