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Come on WA, grab your partner in wine and take a vino vacation in the magnificent Margaret River. This week for our #GoLocal chat, we virtually visited Western Australia as we chatted to Geoff from Cellar d’Or Winery Tours. 

Looking to take a trip to the Countries Capital? Canberra is classed as one of the coolest cities in Aus (and we aren't just talking about the temperature). Wildlife walks, sunset spots and city sight-seeing, see it all with Pelikin Experiences.

Famous for their clean air, stunning scenery and rich history, Tasmania has so much to offer. From wonderful wine tasting tours, hiking trips, beautiful beaches, history walks and coastal cruises, Pelikin Experiences will be sure to keep you busy on this incredible island.

Calling all animal lovers, there is no better place to release your inner David Attenborough than in Australia. There are some epic animal experiences in your Pelikin App and we're here to tell you which one's to note on your bucket list!

Are you really a true Aussie if you haven’t visited Australia’s most iconic world heritage site? For this weeks #GoLocal chat, we virtually headed to the world’s largest Coral reef system to chat to Taryn from Ocean Free and Ocean Freedom!

An ultimate bucket list activity! For those not afraid of heights, a hot air balloon ride has been on everyone’s must-do’s and there is no place to experience this adventure like Australia. See which states you can soar the sky in.

Whether you're a Darwin born and bred, or living in the notorious Northern Territory and looking for an interstate adventure. There is so many awesome excursions available in Pelikin Experiences that you need to get involved in!

Fancy yourself a daredevil? Well this one's for you! This weeks #GoLocal talk we virtually head to Cairns to chat to Bazz from Cairns Canyoning.

Are you an adrenaline rush manic who’s looking for their next heart pumping fix? Wanting to challenge yourself this year? Pelikin is here to help you find the most exciting excursions that you can get involved in around Australia.

Hear all about Fiona's camper van trip from Cairns to Darwin. The stops they made, sights they saw and some great tips when taking a trip through the outback. Here is part 2 of her #GoLocal Aus Road Trip.

As part of this week’s #GoLocal campaign, Fiona shares her recent Aus road trip (all COVID safe)! Starting with 2 weeks in Cairns, she tells us all about the best Pelikin Experiences to get involved in.

Whether you're a true Tassie or are within one of those lucky locations that can sneak into the state, you won’t want to miss this week’s #GoLocal chat between Fiona and Narelle from Under Down Under.

If there is something to say about Australia, it’s that you certainly won’t go dry. COVID may have cancelled our international vineyard vacations, but no need to fret, it’s always wine o’clock in Aus, no matter which state you visit.

There is no adrenaline rush like it! Looking to take the ultimate plunge while in Australia? Then keep reading as we're here to tell you the best places to skydive in Aus.

Fancy a tipple in Tassie? As part of this weeks #Go Local campaign, we have been lucky enough to speak to wine expert Curly from Tamar Valley Wine Tours!

Welcome to a wonderful world heritage site! Cape Tribulation is the only place where the reef meets the rainforest and it's located in no better place than the tropics of Queenslands North.

Home to the world famous Whitsundays and sitting on the iconic Great Barrier Reef, Airlie Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Queensland.

Let's go whale watching in Queensland and support our local tour providers! Kickstarting our #GoLocal campaign, we speak to Andrew from Pacific Whale Eco Adventures in Hervey Bay.

Check out the hub of thousands of international and domestic tours that you can get involved in with Pelikin Experiences! Find out about some fun and fantastic local experiences while also supporting local tourism providers with our new #GO LOCAL Campaign!

We spoke to squad member Ben Sardo, who tells us all about his experience using and travelling Asia with his Pelikin card and app.

We know you may find it hard to save during this difficult time. But there are a few ways to try and save some cash in this crisis and keep that travel dream alive. Here are top tips for saving travel money during Covid-19. 

Find out here how to become an expert using Pelikin and make the most out of what we have to offer to ensure you are getting the best out of your Pelikin prepaid travel card and app.

It’s not a surprise that everyone forgets about getting domestic travel insurance, but here is a little reminder on what can go wrong when travelling within your own Country, and why you need to make sure you're covered in these sticky situations!

Planning the ultimate group travel trip? Whether you’re soaring overseas with your friends or travelling with the family to a domestic destination, group planning and organising isn’t easy. Here are the best apps to keep planning and travelling as smooth as possible. 

We love our squad and we love hearing your thoughts, favourite features, suggestions, experiences and even issues that you may come across when using Pelikin. Thanks for the ongoing love!

We want to welcome Pelikin's awesome new graphic design guru Jalissa! We're proud as punch to introduce our newest member of the Pelikin Squad Jalissa, who will be taking on all our design needs using her epic designer skills and expertise.

Find out about our ultimate must-do's when travelling New Zealand's largest and most vibrate city! Auckland is on everyone's bucket list and we explain why!

Australian and New Zealand residents may be able to take the travel plunge by venturing out in our own ‘travel bubble’. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get planning that ultimate Queenstown, New Zealand adventure!

It is important you stay safe and stay home right now, but that doesn't mean you can't stay inspired, discover new destinations and connect with other travellers from the comfort of your coach! We've teamed up with Travello & we're shouting you $15!

We don't know how long it will be before you can take that trip to Bali that you've been planning forever. But we do know the top things to do in the ultimate chill-out town of Byron Bay to fulfil that internal travel adventure.

Thanks to COVID-19 cancelling all our international travel dreams, it seems that domestic destinations are the next best thing for the foreseeable. But it's far from doom and gloom, here is Pelikin's must-do's while spending 48 hours in Cairns.

It may take a while before overseas travel becomes safe and accessible again, so in the meantime, why not do a domestic destination? The Gold Coast is filled with fun activities! Here is Pelikin's top tips for 48 Hours In Surfers Paradise.

The only way we can kick COVID-19 in the arse right now is by staying inside in isolation and for us avid travellers, fitness fanatics and social butterflies, it's nothing but a living nightmare! Here is helpful tips to staying sane while in Isolation.

Reykjavik is the largest city in Iceland and thanks to mother nature, the home of some of the world's most incredible sights. Although 48 hours is not enough in any city, here at Pelikin must-do's for 48 hours in Reykjavik.

Hands up if you have a memory like a goldfish? We do too, which is why we made it super easy to view your Pelikin prepaid travel card pin at a touch of a button and at any time you need.

Just when you thought you and your mates couldn’t get any closer, in comes Pelikin Group Tabs. We’ve built a go-to place in our app that will be the new home to all the spending that you and your mates do as a group.

Pelikin has introduced an epic new way to reward you for your hard work, to keep you motivated to continue saving and give you a bit of guidance/tips n tricks along the way, including real prizes!

Signing up to Pelikin prepaid travel card is completely FREE and super easy! Find out how here!

Swapping currencies on Pelikin is so easy! Find out how to move your travel money, pay like a local and avoid those nasty transaction fees.

Your money is sacred, IOU's suck and calculators are the worst. Learn how to split bills with Pelikin.

Freeze out those pesky thief's before they do any damage by temporarily blocking your Pelikin travel card of your Pelikin travel app.

Loading money onto your Pelikin travel card is easy and free! Learn about loading money onto your Card or your Travel Fund, even before receiving your card!

Stick of staring at the same 4 walls now that's Sydney's in lockdown? Us too! Isolation sucks and cancelled travel plans are the worst. We have come up with some top tips and tricks to keep you busy during the coronavirus outbreak. Including making the

Isolation is on and travel plans are off. Is staying indoors driving you mental to? Here are some top tips of things to do while in lockdown in Melbourne during the coronavirus outbreak.

Famous for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice is one of the most unique places ever as it has no roads, but rather the Grand Canal that runs through the city, meaning the main way of transportation is by boat.

Fancy a secret escape to Singapore? Here is Pelikin's top travel tips to squeeze in everything you can when exploring the sensational city in 48 hours.

Fancy tasting the luck of the Irish? Famous for the friendly locals, cultural heritage, pubs and bars. Pelikin are here to help with the 48 hour must-do's.

Looking for some super stylish and super affordable sunnies to take on your travels? Thanks to this Pelikin Squad Perk we are giving our awesome squad $10 off at ROC eyewear.

We've partnered with TravelSim so you can stay connected while you travel. Get 10% discount and $25 extra credit when you buy a travel SIM card through the Pelikin App.

This European dream has the most beautiful buildings, bars, bath parties and plenty of picture perfect places. Pelikin is here to help with all the Budapest 48 hour must-do's and how to be thrifty with your forint.

48 hours in London. Welcome to the home of history, Harry Potter and the beloved Queen Lizzie.

When you travel with Pelikin, your safety is our utmost priority. Find out about current travel warnings that may effect your upcoming trip.

This weekend our card processing partner (FIS) will be undertaking system maintenance. Meaning you might experience some disruptions with your Pelikin App and Pelikin Travel Card during the 18 hour period.

Congrats to our new Login Legend Queen, Ash. We hope you all enjoy this dreamy Greek sunset on your Pelikin screens for the month, we sure will. In light of our new LL location (Ios, Greece), ⁠we decided to give you a low down of

Get 15% off Calvin Klein, Quay, Fila, Forever New, Reebok, INC Swim,  The North Face, Lorna Jane and SO many more designer brands on The Iconic with Pelikin's most exclusive squad perk!

February has been another mammoth month. We're talking about new features, new squad perks, team movements and of course a new Login Legend!

Dodge the massive taxi fees and speed past the smelly public transport with $10 off your first Ola ride thanks to this awesome Pelikin Squad Perk. 

The Login Legend game has officially reached new heights (not far off the highest in the world to be exact), all thanks to the Melbs Master, Paul Le, who has just hiked to the all incredible SOUTH BASE CAMP OF EVEREST!

Happy Australia Day to our Aussie Squad! Being the day we celebrate Australia itself, we thought we'd share 5 out of the thousands (yes THOUSANDS ) of the best and beautiful places there is to see here in Aus'!

Following on our previous blog about ‘The NBA in USA’! We speak to our awesome Squad Perks partner, the CEO of Sports Where I Am Matt Scully about the inspo behind his brilliant business, and the best ball games he has been to

Just like the Pelican, we must rebuild, redesign and restructure our nest. This is why at Pelikin HQ we have changed the way you see things on our App! 

I say this every month, but I’ll say it again… The last month at Pelikin HQ has been massive! We’ve changed up our signup journey, squashed some bugs, made some app improvements and last but not least launched Squad Perks!

If you've been thinking about getting an awesome Pelikin Travel Insurance package, now is the time. We've partnered up with Travel By Us to contribute to the Australian Red Cross Relief & Recovery Fund by donating 20% of our Travel Insurance sales to the cause.

We have a great team here at Pelikin HQ and we want you to know all about them! So say hello to our king coder and resident Irishman as he tells us all who he is and what he does for us at Pelikin HQ!

Meet Pelikin HQ’s newest member of the squadron Fiona as she talks all things social! Because Fiona is the social media and content manager she is, in fact, interviewing herself today!

It’s easy to get swept up in a whirlwind of what to pack when heading overseas. We’re here to share some of our absolute essentials for travelling the world.

Nick’s a 24 year old media professional from Melbourne who recently just returned from “gaining life experience in Europe”.

Dave's ticked off a decent chunk of his travel bucket list, one of which was Sziget Festival, so we had to hear all about it!

Mitch has been living the dream USA roadtrip and we needed to her all about it.

Having just ventured over to India, we thought we would have a chat with Charlie (25, Law Student) about his travels for our ‘No Bullsh*t’ travel guide.

We’ve heard mixed reviews about Mexico so we got on the hunt for someone fresh off a trip to the “Land of Enchantment”…We found Rebecca, a young professional Kiwi living in Sydney to tell us all about her recent trip to Cabo.

Have you ever driven around South Africa and met Kelly Slater? Well, this long-haired legend from Perth, Western Australia has and our intern sat down with him to hear all about it!

Charlotte headed to the world famous La Tomatina in Spain a couple of years back. Next week this messy event returns for another year of vegetable throwing, so we reached out to try find a Pelikin follower who could tell us all about it…

Ever fancied watching the NBA in the USA? Soccer in Sunny Europe? Or maybe hit the Hockey Rink in Canada? Get your golden ticket here!

Your bag is your best friend when you’re traveling. In some CASES it’s your home. So why would you want them anything less than a super stylish one?

You haven’t lived if you haven't done a yacht week Croatia Cruise experience. And we are here to make it even better for you with this awesome Pelikin Perk!

To be a travel companion or a source of information, every traveler needs a book, audiobook or DVD they can bum out with.

tYou better wrap up for the COOL news! Pelikin Perks are here to help you hit the slopes this season!

Having a hotel room is always a little deserved luxury and Pelikin is here to make that luxury even more achievable!

Why drive when you can get a driver? Sit back, recline, relax, watch the most incredible views from the window and you get chauffered to the next luxury destination on your dream list.

Not just a service but an experience! Why would you settle for less if you can get a discount on the best?

Need some new sunnies? Sunhat? Sandals? For your upcoming travelling adventure? Well, what's better than getting them at a great price?

Who wouldn't want to go to the most loved, most famous music festival of the year? Welcome to the hub of the most elite events you won't want to miss out on.

Forget the bath bombs, the selfie sticks, the obligatory choco and the other generic gifts that you are always secretly disappointed when you receive every year.

We love our squad, and we love you living your best life! So to thank you all for being awesome, and ensure you continue to have an awesome time wherever you are in the world, we have brought you Squad Perks! 

2019 was a hell of ride! In 2020 we're going even bigger!

To share our love with our most loyal squadrons like yourself, we are giving away a whopping $5000.

Whether you’re spending a week amongst the hustle and bustle of Seminyak or a weekend chilling on the cliffs of Uluwatu, be prepared to chill out to the fullest extent.

Our CEO, Sam Brown, was interviewed by Justinas Baltrusaitis from LearnBonds about Pelikin and how we are helping Australian travellers to handle their funds while exploring the world. 

There isn't a coding problem this guy can't solve, and he's done a whole heap of crazy dev in his time with us!

Pelikin have the top 5 nightlife tips to ensure your Thailand experience is one to remember. So Phuk-et lets have fun!

We've been flat out at Pelikin HQ adding as much value as possible before the festive season kicks off! And guess what, I think we’ve done it.

There is nothing more USA than riding the sub to slam-dunk central, putting on a foam finger, grabbing yourself a hot-dawg and watching one of ‘Mericas most loved, star-studded spectacles - the NBA!

So to show off your epic images we are now featuring our Pelikin King or Queen on our App home screen for a whole month as our Login Legend! 

In addition to our 3 incredible Pelikin Squad travel insurance packages, we are now letting you build your own package and add your own extras!

Why did we call our travel card Pelikin?

We’re very excited to announce that you can now purchase travel insurance straight from your Pelikin app!

Our CEO (Sam), Head of Design (Matt), Development Manager (Sean) and Application Support Developer (Dickson) are joining the masses and participating in Movember this month.