Indulge in the paradise of Thailand’s largest island, from culture to clubbing, scenery to sambuca, whether you’re strapped for cash or ready to empty your pockets, Pelikin have the top 5 nightlife tips to ensure your Thailand experience is one to remember. So Phuk-et lets have fun!

1) Bangla Road Patong

Welcome to the Vegas of Thailand. Bangla Roads neon lights will be sure to guide you into the party central of Phuket. Bar after bar you’ll be spoilt for choice of either live or DJ music, for shots, beer or buckets of cocktail mixers. Visit every country in pub form with thousands of backpackers who have strapped on their party shoes for the night (and morning). The night may get crazy so try not to carry too much cash. Give yourself a $50 (1026 baht) budget, and be aware of the pick-pockets and witty waitresses.

2) Night Markets

From your go-to Pad Thai to your more questionable crispy cockroaches, you’re sure not to go hungry in Phuket. Whether to fulfil your hanger, try some new foods or shop for souvenirs, the Phuket night markets serve it all.

The night markets are ideal to shop, eat and explore without wandering around the busy streets in the sweltering heat (those days are definitely better spent at the beach). Full of entertainment, they are great if you’re taking a night off the drink, (or to line your stomachs before you start).

Chillva Market is one of the biggest. Located in Pucket town itself, it’s not hard to miss. If you’re looking for a cultural ceramics or a crude t-shirt, this is the place for you.

Alternatively, find the Old Town feel reborn as it is lit up in vibrant colours by the Phuket Walking Street Market, the street entertainment will not disappoint.

On a budget? No problem! Why not visit the locals favourite down at Malin Plaza Patong. With just as delicious food but at cheaper the price, this night market is ideal for an everyday eatery.

3) Ladyboy Shows

Welcome to a night of 90’s throwbacks at the all singing, all dancing, glitz and glam of the Ladyboys of Phuket! A unique night you won’t want to miss, with the ongoing entertainment of gorgeous boy-girls that will leave you confused but crying with laughter. You won’t find it hard to find a club showing the spectacular show at a reasonable rate, but if you’re looking for bigger and better then ‘Simon Cabaret’ is the ultimate experience for you.

4) Big Budda at Sunset

To all those sky-chasers, Nakkerd Hills 360 degree viewpoint can’t be missed. Phuket’s Big Budda is one of Thailand’s most respected and important landmarks on the island, so why not see him at his best, during golden hour. Plus it’s free!

Whether you’re a hiker, ride a scooter or prefer the comforts of a cab, make sure to arrive for 6:30pm for the picture perfect spot.

Remember, this is a sacred place so don’t forget to cover yourselves up and dress appropriately. If you’re lucky enough, he may let you rub his belly!

5) Muay Thai

Fancy a bit of Muay Thai? (asides from the cocktail of course). Well, let’s get your hearts pumping and adrenaline flowing when watching Thailand’s national sport in the heart of Phuket. Whether the big boy international fighters are in town, or the local upcoming stars are taking the ring, you’ll always be in for a show at the Patong Boxing Stadium. You may even feel brave enough to face the boxing ring yourself! Ticket prices depending on the fighters, but it’s a unique and exciting experience if you want to get the most out of the Thai culture.

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So from the partying to the picturesque views, enjoy Phuket!