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30 July 2020


Fiona Duncan

Fiona Duncan

Wine Tours Around Aus

If there is something to say about Australia, it’s that you certainly won’t go dry. 

Forget the taste of Tuscany in Italy, we don’t need the Château Gaudrelle in France and we can certainly crush Cape Town’s Vineyards. COVID may have cancelled our international vineyard vacations, but no need to fret, it’s always wine o’clock in Aus, no matter which state you visit. In Pelikin Experiences you can book onto some of the best wine tours in the world, and we’re here to tell you all about them! But you better buckle up, because this ones a corker…

Hunter Valley Wine Tours (NSW)

Famous for their Semillon and Shiraz, the Hunter Valley is home to numerous wineries, including world-renowned brands and family-run boutique operations. 3 hours outside of Sydney, the Harvest Wine Experience with AAT Kings will pick you up and take you on a tour to remember. Taste all the wonderful wines NSW has to offer, before having some lunch and returning to the city the same day. 

Tamar Valley Wine Tours (TAS)

Fancy a tipple in Tassie? The Tamar Valley in Tasmania has views like no other. Famous for their Shiraz, Pinot Noir and providing the best rated wine tour in Tasmania, you will be sure to have the best experience. They hold small to medium groups and pick you up from your door. Their expert knowledge is like no other! In fact, we even spoke to the lovely Curly from Tamar Valley to hear all about the tour they offer and the wonderful wine tasting you will get involved in. Watch it here, and read our blog on the Tamar Valley. 

Yarra Valley Wine Tours (VIC)

Poor Victorians have really had it rough since the COVID crisis, and there is nothing quite like cheering you up with a trip to the Yarra Valley. The Yarra Valley is one of the world’s greatest wine growing regions with over 70 wineries! Only a few hours out of Melbourne, the Australian Wine Tour Co and Go West Tours, both provide transfers too and from the favourite vineyards. 

Go West Tours takes you on a 3 winery journey, with lunch, some cheese tasting and a chocolate treat at the end.

Australian Wine Tour Co also take you to 3 wineries, you can book private tours and hot air balloon rides as additional extras. Both tours can be booked in Pelikin Experiences within your Pelikin App. 

Kangaroo Island Wine Tours (WA)

Stop and smell the rose on Kangeroo Island. Enjoy your wine and watch all the wonderful wildlife this island homes. In Pelikin Experiences you can book a Kangaroo Island Gourmet Food & Wine Tour with Kangaroo Island Trails. Not only will you get to taste the delicious wines but you’ll get to try their ciders, spirits and a lovely lunch to really make your day as tasteful as possible. 

Margaret River Wine Tours (WA)

Margaret River is the major wine region in southwest Western Australia. With 5,017 hectares, over 200 wineries and it producing over 20% of Australia’s premium wine market! Margies Big Day Out Beer & Wine Tour is definitely for those who are looking to taste all the Margaret River has to offer! Not only will they take you around 3 different wineries but you’ll also get to experience 2 breweries too! Making it the most popular WA wine tour around.

Barossa Valley Wine Tours (SA)

The Barossa Valley in Adelaide is famous for their spectacular Shiraz grapes! Spot the nations cuddliest animals, the koalas, as you take your trip with the Bums On Seats Tour. Taste the famous wines of South Aus in the boutique wineries and enjoy all Adelaide has to offer. This tour is a must if your visiting the small state, and can be booked all on your Pelikin App in Pelikin Experiences now! 

Travel Australia With Pelikin Experiences

Wine not treat yourself and book you and your pals onto a tour to remember. Head into Pelikin Experiences in your Pelikin App to book onto one of our wonderful wine tours near you! Let’s Wine a little and laugh a lot! 

Make sure to follow our #GoLocal campaign on our Facebook and Instagram. Where we are highlighting all the amazing things you can get involved in within different parts of our amazing country, whether you’re looking for an activity local to you, or if your doing a domestic trip, there is so many fun things to get involved in!


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Fiona Duncan

Fiona Duncan



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Fiona Duncan